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France rounded up 400 Muslim scholars and beheaded them with machetes during the occupation of Chad in 1917.
When France entered the Algerian town of Laguat in 1852, they exterminated two-thirds of its population...burning it with fire in one night!
France conducted 17 nuclear tests in Algeria between 1960 and 1966, resulting in an unspecified number of casualties ranging from 27,000 to 100,000. Its effects are still present today.
When France left Algeria in 1962, it left behind more mines than the entire population of Algeria at the time, 11 million mines.
France occupied Algeria for 132 years.. The French exterminated a million Muslims in the first 7 years after their arrival, and a million and a half in the last 7 years before they left.
French historian Jacques Gorky estimated that the total number of people killed by France in Algeria, from its arrival in 1830 to its departure in 1962, was 10 million Muslims.
France occupied Tunisia for 75 years, Algeria for 132 years, Morocco for 44 years and Mauritania for 60 years.
When France entered Egypt in its famous campaign, French soldiers entered the mosques with their horses, raped unmarried women in front of their families, drank alcohol in the mosques, and turned several mosques into their stables.
This is France.
Remind them of this story.


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Sin salabim
Very sad, in Balkans we just rape the wifes and kill mens
nothing new in the book, Europeans were true savages back in the day (some of them still are). #KonosubaGoddessErisBestGirl