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In the midst of the second wave of covid in Peru, I would like to tell my compatriots and friends from all over the world that we must be calm and have a lot of hope, let us be careful but do not live afraid that weakens us, in this article I would like to give you a break from this tense moment showing you some Peruvian wonders, at least the ones I like

The Peruvian Amazon

And Flavia Laos :3
Maybe you already know Machu Picchu
Meet Vania
A Delicious Lomo Saltado

And the full met Shirley

You really need to meet the Sacred Valley and its pendant hotel
And Vania again
An Spicy Ceviche

My wife Fatima

The Uro s island in Puno
Flavia Laos
The Inca Roads, one of the most important engineering works of the Inca s culture, which allowed the great development of the empire
Let s grow up Perú, to the top


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