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Hello every body placebois back with some intresting suggestions to make this server great

First of all what will make this kind of gameslar ?
The most important thing is Communication between the players to build
their country together which brings near 200-300 players together in
lated  countries , if we compare it to the games like Clash of clans
and Clash royale which are two of the most lar online games , although they
have bilions of players but they get only 50-100 player together to build a
huge clan SO much less Communication There is no Alliance there between the
clans is such games SO much less Communication ... As u all would agree we have
made many good friends from games like erev , I was CP in a game like this and
done many negotiations for my country as a result a i have friends all around
the real world now , From Spain to Indonesia , i also learned a few from other
languages like spanish and Georgian and ...

The second point is Education , lets compare two people in the real world , with the same age and same level of education , one of them is playing a game like erev2 and the other one playing a game like clash of clans , the one who like us play such game knows a lot about economy , when he/she watches the news he/she will truly understand the words inflation , or the phrase supply and demand ...

So lets see what makes this games unlar 
First:Low graphics 
Second:Low number of players in compare to games like Clash of clans

So in this article and the upcoming ones i am going to focus in solutions to make this server more lar and more intresting to play
some of this soulutions has to be taken seriously by admins and some are for the players to co-operate on

at this article i want u to pay attention to a very important part of the game which is almost in the shadows but if it is taken seriously it can add so much fun to the game
Yes the Erev 2 Wiki
Every player who joins the game and is new to this kind of games will go to wiki so it hast to be good educational articles there writed by the players

there also should be history pages about the wars and countries in the erev2 written by players
this is our(players) duty to make this pages in the wiki to make game more intresting and also to keep record of our nations Honor in the game so far

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Nice 🙂
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You re damn right.. this game just need good graphic..
12 btw haHAA
The best thing would be in-game documentation. Like hovering over a house image and get all relevant info about that house right there. The second best thing would be a really good Wiki with all the info you would want properly categorized to make it easy to find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, none of those two options are nearly good enough at the moment.
@pelmar big like
where is mobile app?!
I want gold nothing more
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