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In this article I’ll be interviewing the three individuals responsible for leading their alliances during World War 2. Most of the questions are directed to all of them but watch out for the  parts where I branch off and ask a question to a specific individual.

The three individuals are Brisleain/Bryce (Supreme Commander of Axios Mortem), Danider ( Ex-Supreme Commander of Pantheon) and Governador (Supreme Commander of Irregular Militia)

The three individuals participate in a blindfold interview. Meaning they did not receive all the questions, they did not know sll the participants in the interview, and they did not get to see each others responses before I published the article :p.  

Most of the responses will follow this structure .

Brisleain -  Answers First
Danider - Answers Second
Governador - Answers last

If there’s only one response then that question was only meant for that 1 person. If you see any mistakes please point them out. The article was pretty long so may have missed something xD

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Let’s get started

Alright, Thank you for agreeing to my interview. For those who don’t know you guys can you give an introduction about yourself?

My name is Bris. I’m the current CP of Ireland and SC of Axios Mortem.

I am not sure whether I need one - for good or for bad, I am just me, with all my pluses and minuses. The latter is less, of course. I am just random guy from Bulgaria that enjoys the politic module a lot.

Brazilian, 26 y.o, nearly 27, working as a lawyer and experienced in international diplomacy. Playing this sort of games since my 16 y.o.

How has your alliance done in the war so far? What were some of your alliance goal(s) in this world War?

The start of the war we did very well against PH. We decided to take a ceasefire for a deal for a possible NAP and we lost ground and momentum. Our main goals: Free Poland, kick Bulgaria out of Russia, and the biggest, making the game fun and trying to balance it somewhat. What has allowed a small alliance (terms of dmg) such as AM to survive for this long?  Brisleain: Organization and willpower

Our alliance did good until one point. Than we decided that this format is no longer successful and we decided to disband Pantheon, test our abilities, test our real relations with each other. Allow each other to look from the side and give rating to our past actions. As for the WW part, we just want to keep our momentum. We like how we stay in war. We are always up for challenges. Brazil threw the glove, we decided to answer.

The specific plan is, first, destroy Bulgaria and USA, and in the middle of that, destroy Pantheon.

What is your side of the war? Why should ordinary players from neutral countries, or those deciding to pick a country, fight for you instead of your enemies?

There is a much closer community in Ireland and AM. I’m an American, and we have a few Americans over here and we love it. It’s a good community and we take care of each other.

Our side in the war is a bit complicated. With Pantheon in history, we are just a bunch of like minded people that play to win. We enjoy the diplomatic part of the game. What makes us the right sight? Yes, we talk a lot of BS, yes we use force quite often to help solve some problems, but in any case we’ve never thrown an ally under the bus. We try to be firm to our commitments and that’s it. There are no saints in the game, we are all people with character complexes, desires and egos.

My side is the side against USA and Bulgaria. People must join us just to hit those countries, moved by rage. No specific matter.

This is for Bryce. During the Second World War 2 we saw more involvement from Axios Mortem side. What caused this change?

Seeing PH countries around us being aggressive, made things a little uneasy. What we wanted was more balance, and we tried for that.

Who is the MVP(Person) of your alliance? Who is your favorite HQ member and why?

I won’t limit it to one person, but my staff did amazing during the war. We were very organized and it showed in the first half of the war.

Here I want to mention two names - Cypher and ktab. Two very honest and experienced men, that are one of the main reasons for what all our countries in exPantheon became.

Cypher not being able to continue in HQ was one of the main reasons to disband Pantheon, as without him it is not the same. We are all grateful to him and already miss him.

Ktab is like the father of our alliance, he sees things that other people don’t, his judgement is really on point for us the hot headed people.

For his experience, for sure Knight of Brutality is the guy I respect the most. There's no favorite one, I love them all, but KoB, is a man to admire.

If you could award the success of your alliance to one country.  Which country would it be and why?

Three countries stick out that did extremely well. France, Slovenia, Latvia, and Ukraine. France held its own against Croatia AND Spain until a NAP was signed with Croatia. Then later launched an offensive into Spain. Slovenia held off Croatia on the first day and did a very large amount of dmg to stop their advance. Latvia did amazing as well. Holding off Bulgaria, often alone because of our shortage of manpower and damage. They advanced into Russia and White Russia, and later held their own on the defensive. Ukraine managed to stay on the map for quite some time against Bulgaria and Romania.

This is not possible to answer.

Serbia standed the longest war in the game (if I am not wrong) against Bosnia and sacrificed a lot of resources in the name of the mutual progress.

Romania didn’t stop covering our backs when we were in trouble - from DoW to DoW around the map, opening RWs, making brutal OHs, leaving everything in risk for the whole alliance.

USA is the country that provided the most of HQ moving force in exPantheon, they provided tons of damage even when they were in danger of being wiped.

Mexico endured so much in the game, just so we stay together and continue to play together.

I want to put a honorable mention to Croatia, even when we parted pays recently. This is probably the fastest integrated country into our alliance. From 0 to 100 we went through multiple wars, multiple agreements and a lot of outside pressure to ruin our relationship. Big respect to them and especially to motorina and manga.

IM is a united

This is for Governador. As the first/Second Supreme Commander of Irregular Militia, you obviously didn’t have it easy combating a Titan level alliance such as PTN. Thru out the war did your resolve ever falter?  How were you able turn the odds of Damage, experience,  resources and defeat a stronger alliance?

I never saw Pantheon as Titan or stronger alliance, it just had more experience. As soon the other side, IM, got organized, we could manage it well, with some specific fronts and will of change, we were able to hit, eventually, those guys who consider themselves untouchable. I never worked alone, I had friends and good people working with me, and for sure, these guys, were essential for it to work.

Question for Bryce. Between WW1 - WW2. Your alliance was very vocal about balancing the game yet you sided with Pantheon during World War 1. Did AM simply stop caring about furthering its own interest or was there a story behind the curtains? -> If so, what caused the relationship between Pantheon and Axios Mortem to quickly deteriorate?

Siding with PH was something that was bound to happen. Ireland already had troubles with the UK and we were going to war with them anyway. The Scotland ordeal was what hurt Irish-US relations the most. Later seeing Iceland wiped and Latvia threatened didn’t help. Things got worse from there.

What is one thing your enemies had but you lacked?

Manpower and damage, without a doubt. I did calculations often multiple times to make sure we won and kept up the offensive. We just didn’t have the manpower or damage to keep fighting.

Timezone advantage and a bit more resources to control the mercenaries.


Sorry for ignoring you Dani :p This question is for you. The last World War Pantheon out as the winner but last few weeks have been tough for Ex-PTN members. What went wrong?

I don’t anything went wrong. We were never dominant to the level Brazil wanted to make us look. Just at one point the whole world was against 4-5 countries. But we manage to stand for the moment and we push back. I am sure that even if something went wrong, we are able to fix it.

During the first two world wars. AM attached itself to the two main sides. Does this show AM inability to become a super alliance or simply bidding your time?  :)

We were friendly towards PH, but we weren’t exactly allies. We were much closer to them than NL for sure. But we wanted to fight the UK, not the rest of the world. We just know how to survive.

This is for Governador. Irregular Militia was created for the sole purpose of destroying PTN. Now that the mission is accomplished what’s the next step for IM?

The mission is not accomplished. The mission is to destroy USA and Bulgaria. IM can die, but the will, nope.

Bryce, You wrote a flaming article about Brazil Betrayal. For our readers.  What was that about? Is Axios Mortem splitting from Irregular Militia?

I plan on writing a better in detail article myself later when I’m not busy, but I’ll give you the main points. Basically, Brazil decided to abandon the war for resources. They promised us help, then canceled 30 seconds before the battle was over. After we spoke about it, they wanted a NAP. At the meeting, they had gotten North Korean rubber, and I was supposed to surrender the Finnish rubber. Which was dumb and made me realize, this had been a setup and they sold us out. My guess is they made a deal with the US, and created a proxy war to gain resources. Time will tell.

Rapid geopolitical changes have been going in the background last few days. Where do you see the future of the game after the war?

I’m not exactly sure. New alliances will be coming shortly I ume. So there is that.

It’s very hard to predict when you have every major country in a war. But surely this World War will help for a lot of people to be exposed, for a lot of conflicts to be solved, a lot of negative energy to be released. I think that whatever happens in the World War, it will be good for the wellbeing of the game.

It’s clear that the rare bonuses are oddly placed, this war showed it. Gotta change the bonus distribution as soon as possible. Admin has already told that us it will be done, but not now. Waiting...

If you could go back to the last couple weeks of the war what is one thing you would change?

Not agreeing to a ceasefire a week or so ago. That mistake was on me.

I don’t know if what I will say is recent enough, but the only thing i regret in the game is that we accepted the request of Brazil for MPP, instead of wiping them.

I would attack USA before.

This is for Governador and Bryce.  Are you guys planning to run for another SC Term?

I don’t really want to, but people want me to stay SC so I most likely will.

On day 102 i gave KoB the seat of SC, I need a rest :)

Last Words?

Good war with PH, you guys did very well and I’m happy it was a challenge o7

Fuck Brazil.

Last words? I am not dying or going anywhere. Last words will be for another time. I wish all players good time during the World War, I hope that lation will rise and I hope that we have many time together in front of us in this server.

I am in OFC now, hire us :)

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