The Seven Seas


Published in United States of America - Warfare analysis - 31 Oct 2018 13:35 - 19


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Alliances, diplomacy and teamwork VS VISA.
The Spanish are moronic.
Lack of support from elsewhere was very evident
1 vs 1+VISA is like an 80 year old using VIAGRA.
it was fun to fight the whole alliance o7
It was fun to fight the VISA o7
u you say vs visa like u dont have the top 1 in your side, and spain don t did same damage than top 3 of your countrys. Good battle anyway.
@asmin you have the top 1 in your side but anyway, it s ridiculous to boast of winning like that
there is a simple truth. visa keep this game alive. so, i d not be so bullish against it.
Cetomax has managed to be the number one player in the world via food fights...
I only see Jealousy.
For the rest there is MasterCard ® ™
I will buy organs
Hail Pantheon!
Viva españa muerte a los llorones Wink
where is that famous teamwork now?