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Published in Spain - Warfare analysis - 31 Oct 2018 14:00 - 11




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Hail Spain!
of course. Centomax is player number 1 in the world in the game with food fights…..
canada also have some spanish traitors :c
Yo balgo por 1000 y ago mas daño que 3 paises esto no queda a qui 😇😍😍
thank you but I have a Spanish citizenship in the rl
dude, you gotta go learn some english i can teach you if you want XD quote: shut up your mouth wtf?? XD
Top 1 en daño seguir llorando yo no gasto barritas para pegar a puños 😍😍😍
Antoni, i dont need to learn more Wink Thanks for your advice. You should talk to your spains mates that write in sp languages cuse yep, they should know thay arnt the midle of the world Wink even in rl. Enjoy.