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So by now the Battle for Quebec and Newfoundland is over and what a tussle.

Spain v Canada
Visa v Friendship

Ireland we did ourselves proud here.

Ireland Abú


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Ireland - Always Supporting Our Friends
Ireland best ally o7
no medal can replace honor o7
Great country,great allies o7
Hail Ireland o7
Buy to win game
Why did Ireland signed MPP with Spain then?
They betrayed us. They said they wanted to ally with us, but only cared about themselves.
Wrong question...Right question is why Spain left the alliance they joined
Loyalty above all o7
Respect! o7
Hail Ireland o7
hail o7
In Kavekh we trust o7
Thanks Ireland o7
Hail Ireland
Why did Ireland signed MPP with Spain then? : to hunt Atro together
@Marl Your making Atro loose sleep 😂😂😂
Hail Ireland o7
respect guys o/
Irlanza tiene menos poder de daño que un tio en españa hay entro yo Wink cuando os toque ir preparando vaselina que ire a x todos Wink
Hahahahahha OMGGGG
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