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Greetings from Russia, friends.

I am writing this article as the MoFA of Russia, the country whose lands you have been trying to share among yourselves. I wont argue about this, because as a small community we know our odds. I want to deliver you this small friendly warning: Russia has no CC, and we are not planning to print any for the public. If you come to our lands, or the region you are in gets liberated, you WILL get stuck. At this point your options will be:

1- Attack and take the said region to free your unfortunate soldiers with your own CC.
2- PM Russian players for RUB (we wont give you because we wont have any).
3- Other methods involving multis (we will report you).

We will rush any small walls and do our best to defend and free our regions. It is day 26 and over 40 people got stuck in Russia for at least some period. Long story short; unless you are our ally and know what you are doing, please stay away.


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Russia - the true Cemetery of Empires, Superpowers and Military Geniuses. Avoid that desolate, frozen hell at all costs! If you do not, this will be the last sound you will hear:
Bikkin lol Laugh It is just small warning not bravado though
hahaha, Bikkin was inspired by Lomonosov s avatar. Good tactic Russia! Cheeky
U let me in the Great Russia? Travel around the eWorld -
ps: we keep close eye here: multy will be noticed and reported asap
Anarchy! A world without money Laugh
fucking hillarious
Remps this is our decision; we have figured out a solution for the problems this will cause, it is a good trade off. We dont have a multi army, so we will be using our CC as leverage.
@Sokolov: are you going to have even those banned who receive the cc from the multi?? Oh the horror!
We cant tell admin what to do... But if multy give RUB to other account, its maker is obvious Laugh
bas me uzrujao ovaj clanak. na rubu suza sam
i wonder who has all the russian cc :smirk:
this sounds like a Camarilla, not like a Camaraderyia Smile