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Hey! Hey!
This is the first newspaper in Sri Lanka. It is also the first article :D

Anyway, meeting the standards of a game that just started, I come asking and offering the sub by sub, you leave a comment with your subscription number and I add you to a list here in my diary for others to subscribe.

Thank you in advance!

Newspaper to subscribe to:
Trollberg, by Hilda.
Ernest News, by Ernest Jeon.
sub 4 sub, by HaaKHaak.
One Piece, by Monkey D Luffy.
NaDuVaNo PeRo, by NaDuVaNi Lik.
OppailsNo1, by  KingOfTheWar.
JAKENOVINE, by pericalatas.
What is wrong with you, by Tussaud.
Sin Mordaza, by PEPSI.
BorderLand, by Robiuhas.
Ghosts, by Mr WB.
Bестник, by Edinaca.
AsabanDasabani, by davidking.
Eastern News, by tedo123.
Beerus News, by Lord Beerus.
Morning Star, by Bikkin.
Best newspaper, by Benito Amilcare M.
El avispón verde, by AlexEstrella.
Transilvania News, by Zepar.


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s8 v2
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Thanks for this 😀
S4S 17 Please send me your subsc.ription number. Thanks.
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