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Dear Free Citizens of this World,

Just yesterday, the proud Spaniards publicly challenged the World by saying:

DAY 02/11/2018 : We have been sailing for 50 days, we had very little water
left until we arrived in a territory plagued by uncivilized people
unaware of the word of God and the glorious Spanish crown
We will teach you through SPANISH DIPLOMACY
The words were supported by the show of arms of several Spanish generals; it looked something likes this:

The World was stunned. Nobody knew what to do.

Then came Canada.

Everybody immediately realized that this is only the beginning. Red alert started to flash everywhere. Panic struck. Even in Qatar that was colonized days ago.

And when the brave Montenegran journalist from Monaco Aleksso publicy exposed the internal functioning of the Spanish state, risking his Monaco CS...

... and the World suddenly grasped the reality in accordance to which the Spaniards are challanging the very basics of democracy, being even more drastic than the Peruans.

In Peru, at least, everyone was allowed to be horrible to one another, and only the shock and awe doctrine applied by the USA allowed the Peru to become great again. In Spain, however, the vast majority of hungry and oppressed Spanish citizens stand no chance, NO CHANCE!

WORLD has spotted the Spanish Armada coming its way:

Do we stop it, or do we allow it to stop us?

Lord Marlock



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La pelicula que emosiono a Steven Spielberg
No need to explain u need to do this for don t being deleted by pantheon bro
Me he reído, mis dies no mas
There was a time we managed the world!
Dejar de meter mierda cada uno sabe sus actos a canada le toca joderse y asimilar las risas de los primeros dias recluto parte de ciudadanos traidores de españa y se rien en la cara de todos eso no se le llama prepotente se le llama HONOR viva españa y losxaliados que comprenden la situacion 😁😇😍😍😍 what a tard xDDDD
rofl ! , u will see : )
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