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For the game mechanics, 1 gold = 100 CC.... we see  this from issue money:
Now, lets check the raw companies together?, there is not any reason to create q1 q2 and q4 companies.... i think Admins have to update this values about q1 q2 and q4..

Another problem is again TG Upgrade.. we had to thanks admins for changing tg upgrade day, from  20 to 30... it was great reaction  by them..
But now,  we have to collect 170 golds  till  day 50... its again impossible... lets change it to  day 100...

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About Country Currency AND TG Upgrade... 


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Voted Romy. Pirinc. o7
C est pas faux
i think day 100 is a bit too much to ask day 60 or 70 will be more reasonable
i suggest day 100 is better for all.....dont forget players need other companies
They are not updating the game at all. Seems like they arent anymore intrested in the game already.
60 days is still reasonable if you active enough
I seriously need to comment on this: First decision was to unlock upgrades on days 10, 20, 30 and 50, tested and proven that it was possible to do so without investing a single dime in the game. You were even given missions to receive weapons and missiles to shoot and get medals easier (not included in aforementioned testing). Later it was changed to days 10, 30, 50, 80. And now again complaints? Why don t we put q4 on day 200 and q5 on day 1000, just in case? Why don t we give 340str automatically to new people that register, so they don t miss out? Why don t we give you 20 companies to begin with? Dear people, play, organize, think of strategies, economy, ways to earn gold (WITHOUT breaking the rules). Everybody complains *give us missions*, *the game is getting boring*, how the hell can it become boring when you have things to think about and put your brain to it? I mean, it goes to such extent that people come and say *I trained before I upgraded my tc* even though the info is literally the first thing you see when you open your training grounds? Do you need a pop-up window, saying IT IS DAY 30, GO UPGRADE TRAINING CENTER FIRST? Is it possible to be so lazy and ignorant? You play the game, the game won t be played by itself, and admins won t interfere anymore. It IS possible. Work for it.
misteriosa u say no pay no win ? np
Spartacus, be kind and read again.
Indeed I m supporting misteriosa . It should be the challenge in game . Even if you miss the upgrade date by 20 day you loose just 100 str which is nothing in long run .it s a 4 day str when you have a lvl 5 training ground someday. The developers also should receive some thing for their hard work on game and people who support them should have a bonus after all. But you can even close the gap with hard work and I don t call that a pay to win game. I hope they can implement new content to game with the money they take. As a developer I know that this game is a part of developers soul. And they want it the best not just a money maker. I hope I see this game progressing every day . Keep on the good work and add new contents please. Tnx
Agree, but can change only TC possible upgrade, to day 70 or 100. TC since s1 was a problem. New players needs motivation
@misteriosa possible to get more than 600 gold in 50 days ? without buying it ? What are we supposed to do then, scam everyone and steal from national treasury ? You are seriously delusional, show me with math how it is possible and I ll buy a 420 gold pack right now .
@misteriosa I understand pay is not something else. I did not say bad thing
But now, we have to collect 170 golds till day 50... its again impossible... lets change it to day 100... +1
La gente se queja x gusto y nada en la vida es facil y en un juego menos dejen de ser viekas del visillo y jueguen al juego un saludo Wink
@misteriosa While I agree with the sentiment, I don t buy the entire First decision was to unlock upgrades on days 10, 20, 30 and 50, tested and proven that it was possible to do so without investing a single dime in the game.. MATH OR GTFO. Currently top50 rank players have around 40 medals - around 200 gold (50 medals = 250 gold). According to old schedule TG alone would have costed him 20+70+170=260g (and we have heared the it s has been calulated argument even before we got weekly missions that helped players a lot (bombs and houses), and the fact that you had a little more leeway with the investments (so they could invest into bakeries on day 20 etc.). I d love to see this math because it seems like some moon logic to me.
Ejjj, dont make Misty mad, you will have problem with me. Shut up and play a fac... G game
Jup I agree day 100 for TC is much better o7
day 40 for TC upgrade o7
@misteriosa Burek je sa sirom? Laugh
@misteriosa maybe it is possible to make the money for TG upgrade but for this we need a live monetary market. There are too many country with broken mm. And we need a live community too. More features in the game for social interactions maybe. More effort to bring more people in game. Every day which passes makes more difficult for a new player to catch up. The company number limit probably will make catching up easier than in other similar games but also will make playing boring for old players. So, social stuff have to be more important. My 2 cents.
I understand the issue, personally i am also not able to collect that gold in next 20 days and i cant even buy gold because of no CC payment gateway, however not everything can be made easy just because we cant do it. Each server cost a lots for example the wildcard SSL certificate itself cost more than 400 dollars per year you can calculate the rest servers domain etc etc. Whoever invest in these portals deserve to earn money the primary idea of every investment is to make it profitable.
Piolun, this people have that medals, becouse they bought gold with real money. To get medals, needs also companies, wich cost a lot of gold. If you have no food, weapons and houses, you can not make medals fast. Also MU and Parties cost gold, even news. The economy is stil broken. Not enough currency...
I forgot, to travel one round trip you need about one gold. This is insane.
How about puting TG 4 on day 1k? and Q5 day 3k? Would you be satisfied than?
lets forget about TG upgrades at all, that will solve the problem Laugh
This game is pay2win/multi/stealing from country treasury. If u dont know that than ur wasting ur time Smile no country org makes this game a paradise for thiefs as well no economic skill for multi users...