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Not sure if you already noticed, but there is huge difference from eRev1 to eRev2 when it comes to damage needed for TP, TA and TR medals. Look at this chart and take your own conclusion.
X-axis: TP medals / Y-axis: Damage

Based on data from this profile:



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We are doomed !!! Smile
buy more gold
Sad for us, but voted Sad
Wait are you kidding ? why did they do that wtf
And they say its possible to get 600 gold by day 50 LOL
In erev 1.0 I make 3 gold in TP....
Good job Gabiru. OMG. This game will die faster.
Este e um grande problema deste jogo
Just saw the same here: . I think it goes +50k until medal 20, which means 1M damage for medal nr20 and then +1M dmg for the next one
I have noticed since day one. I really hoped that this server would not be that bad p2w like erev1 was, and with that promise I joined also. But it seems that people that have no intention or will to pay, are doomed into misery. Game did not kept the criteria it promised to players.
This game is totally pay to win
Ptw, sad but true Sad
OMG :o :o
from 50k incriese to 1M incriese, daium
damn son...
Its pure pay2play game what you expect :-)