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First. My english is... to quote Mandzukic "no good"
So I'm sorry if you find difficulty while reading this.

There's not much to do in game like this and event or missions are candle in the darkness.
Without missions this game will become routine... Just work , train , fight and logout...
F*@k! I forgot use hospital... Login , use hospital and logout...
There is no any event or missions on sight and not even a single announcement from the admins
, so I decided waste 15-30 minutes of  my live and write down 20 missions.

There is 5 different types of missions , like areas...
One area include work area , one include battlefield , one market and one community.
And one is advance area.

So first mission is easy something what you doing every day.
Second mission is also easy something what you doing daily in game... probability.
Third one is tricky. Fourth mission is hard.

So I'm coming... with proposal for missions.

Missions in "work area"
1, Work one day and buy 100 products. Reward 100 q1 bread
    simple mission simple reward

2, Work 3 days as manager and sell 500 products. Reward 100 q5 bread
    everyone have firm and everyone selling products so , simple mission

3, Hire a employee. Reward 5 (bot) workers
    yeah , I know... Tricky

4, Open new company. Reward 10 (bot) workers
    If you planning on opening new company , then great... and if you not... to bad.

Missions in battle area

1, Fight 50 time for 5 different countries. Reward 100 q1 weap
    by 50 I mean click 5 time fight of use 500 health

2, Fight 50 times in 5 different RW. Reward 100 q5 weap
    by 50 I mean click 5 time fight of use 500 health

3, Fight 500 times with weapon for your country. Reward 3 q1 missiles
    by 500 I mean click 50 time fight of use 5000 health

4, Defend region from RW and win BH medal. Reward 10 gold and 1 q5 missile
    simple, find RW, win BH, save region and take reward

Market missions

1, Buy 500 raw material. Reward 50 country currency

2, Buy 250 bread. Reward 100 CC

3, Buy 100 weapons. Reward 200 CC

4, Buy house. Reward 10 energy bars

Community missions

1, Support 5 different newspapers. Reward 1 energy bar

2, Visit 3 different regions in yours country. Reward 3 energy bars

3, Visit 2 different countries. Reward 5 energy bars

4, Change citizenship. Reward 10 energy bars

Advance missions
    Ooo you gonna like this

1, Do 1 million damage. Reward 10 energy bars and 3 q1 missiles
    It's not little but is not much

2, Buy 2500 country currency from money market. Reward 5 gold
    If you need CC you will get free gold

3, Use 100 energy bars. Reward 1 q5 missile
    for solving battle mission number 4 :D

4, Do 10 millions dmg. against your country. Reward 10 gold and 10 q5 missiles
    my favorite :D

So I want know what do you think. And I want know what admin think about that...
But i'm afraid this was waste of time...
But if you liked and if admin liked i can easy do more missions... More complex missions.
Like i said i "invented" this missions for 15-30 minutes... and 3 hours to write this down.
Yeah i love english!
So what do you think?



Comments (8)

I vote, missions always make a game more spicy and give objective to make the everyday routine of players way more interesting.
o7! i have like bunch more in my mind to add Smile
will these missions add moniz to admin paypal accounts? if not, do not hope for anything...
All good, but if thay give that mission, ou get everything for free, so it is not possible