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Published in France - Warfare analysis - 05 Nov 2018 11:01 - 29



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Good job o7
Quel travail remarquable, chapeau l artiste !
Good job V+S
nice, perfect ilustration, got a sub o7
Say it! Is FYROM! Macedonia is Greek region not a country!
Bravo, bon boulot !
Good job! Next time, try to show firepower of alliances too. V+
cimer chef putain
Let take one example, well the autor is french, let s check french MPP Ireland, UK, Spain and Italy that is related more to Nation League than Pantheon Well it s just MPP, let s check France NE who is on Croatia (Vendetta)... France related to Pantheon.... very very good illustration : ) : ) : )
alors déjà, les english là jvais vous répondre en français. Menedimos la Macédoine c est pas un pays en effet, c est un plat. Et pis feng shui gpalu
Not exactly accurate, as only NL has appropriate MPP network to be considered as ΄alliance΄but I hope soon after MPPs expire Pantheon will indeed have an expanded MPP network too, to balance game.
Changez le drapeau d Angleterre par celui de la Grande Bretagne, cela serait mieux 😉
Ok so for the England, its a mistake of myself, i want to say U.K sorry guys !
Enemy propaganda Cheeky
Menedimos. You re wrong.. Macedonia is country under Greece. But you come from somewhere and together with europe you take our town Solun !! And you tell Solun Tesaloniki .. if you wanna we will speak with facts?
Great article
Tinleei o malakas o skopianos. Klaiw
good... s4s
Kosovo is Serbia...
red team Laugh
Muito bom
ChristGeoRM, you say FYROM because i think you re a greek nationalist, but you play in Portugal. Do you see the problem dude ?
Its like calling Paris a country xD Find me something official with the name Macedonia as a country plz..Write it like it is in the game if u dont wanna be judged.
jm en branle d être jugé gros