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Many greetings, my fellow eRevollutionaries!

My name is Vlad. I was born into this war-torn eWorld on day 31 after its inception by the Holy Admin.

This is my nth reincarnation in the cyberverse, so some of you may know me from elsewhere under a different name (AKA Vellocet, Snake, San Holo, Mord Fustang, Norther). I tend to hop around eWorlds concentrating on one at a time, instead of trying to manage all my eLives and RL simultaneously, like, most you do.

Here on eRev2, I decided to begin my journey in USA, because I saw many familiar names and faces among its citizens and officials. Thought I'd settle down and feel at home. Nay, that was not meant to be, for I found myself amidst a raging war between USA and Peru, the latter being the aggressors. What can I say? Beginner's luck, I suppose.

On my first day of arrival, I squeezed my fists, clenched my teeth and ran headfirst into battle. Here my story begins; a story of survival, cunning politics and betrayals, long lasting alliances and new friendships, in turmoil or prosperity.

Best regards!



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San holo is love
snek is cool guy he isnt afraid of anything
Snek. Pls.