A Gentleman And a Scholar

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1. Greetings

Hey folks, Zaphiel here. You might remember me from the land of what the hell when I wrote that one article about Ace and his abuses of his sweatshop workers. I should know, I work for his company now. May Dio have mercy on my soul.

This distracts from the point. I figured I d make an article as I am returning from a very busy real life period and I hope to write more as things develop in this game as I had originally planned to do so. You see, I traveled to the land of screaming.........ahem..........climaxes and topless bikinis. I took pictures, but then they got confiscated by Ktab for what he told me is personal use. I bet we ll find a trail of tissues and other sticky white stuff after today. Just ask his maid, who will remain nameless. I also traveled to the Victorian England and tea with Queen Victoria, she was in grief over the loss of Albert and after that I traveled again and had a snack with Picasso.


See? Nameless :)

eRev is a big game with many things that happen daily. So, I present you with a question. What do you like to do in games like this? Personally, I find wars to be interesting and I m keen to try to get started again in the game as a soldier, scholar, and most of all a gentleman. We gentlemen have standards to hold ourselves too, but when in doubt. Any issues the USA has?

I say we blame the troublemaker queen...


3. Conclusion

Well, this is my intro article to return to the game. If you want to chat, my door is always open. I m an extrovert at heart and if you want to talk, let s chat. We may be people playing a game, but at the very least we can win and be better than the person we were yesterday. Wars are wars, and they make games fun.

So, what do I say to the USA s opponents, right now?



Let s meet on the field of honor and yes I spell honor without a u because American English is American English. If you have a problem with it, you can call 1- 800 - Sucks-to-be-you.

Catch ya on the flipside,

A Gentleman and a scholar,



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