A Gentleman And a Scholar

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1. Greetings

Hey folks, Zaphiel here. You might remember me from the land of what the when I wrote that one article about Ace and his abuses of his sweatshop workers. I should know, I work for his company now. May Dio have mercy on my soul.

This distracts from the point. I figured I'd make an article as I am returning from a very busy real life period and I hope to write more as things develop in this game as I had originally planned to do so. You see, I traveled to the land of screaming.........ahem..........climaxes and topless bikinis. I took pictures, but then they got confiscated by Ktab for what he told me is personal use. I bet we'll find a trail of tissues and other sticky white stuff after today. Just ask his maid, who will remain nameless. I also traveled to the Victorian England and tea with Queen Victoria, she was in grief over the loss of Albert and after that I traveled again and had a snack with Pico.


See? Nameless :)

eRev is a big game with many things that happen daily. So, I present you with a question. What do you like to do in games like this? Personally, I find wars to be interesting and I'm keen to try to get started again in the game as a soldier, scholar, and most of all a gentleman. We gentlemen have standards to hold ourselves too, but when in doubt. Any issues the USA has?

I say we blame the troublemaker queen...


3. Conclusion

Well, this is my intro article to return to the game. If you want to chat, my door is always open. I'm an extrovert at heart and if you want to talk, let's chat. We may be people playing a game, but at the very least we can win and be better than the person we were yesterday. Wars are wars, and they make games fun.

So, what do I say to the USA's opponents, right now?



Let's meet on the field of honor and yes I spell honor without a u because American English is American English. If you have a problem with it, you can call 1- 800 - Sucks-to-be-you.

Catch ya on the flipside,

A Gentleman and a scholar,



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