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Sooo sick of our small economy and weak defenses.  It s time for the amazing country of Oz to be over-run by a big but benevolent super power that will welcome all our population as citizens.

What do we offer?  Loads of Kangaroos, Emus, Koalas, Dingos and Platypi plus massive deserts along with some of the best beaches you ll find anywhere in the world.  Just choose your location according to the climate you prefer - the heat of the NW, tropical Nth Queensland, the temperate coastal cities of Eastern Oz or the cool Tasmanian countryside.  We have abundant resources and clean green food - anyone that knows agrees we are the lucky country!

What do we want?  A strong market, daily battles to fight and a small voice in government.  Not too much to ask - surely. 

Interested?  Message me or have a chat with our CP.



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Good luck, Aussies!