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Published in Croatia - Social interactions and entertainment - 09 Nov 2018 08:00 - 6

In short, Asseco has called out to his Croatian fellow citizens, calling them a-holes, as he lost 5 subs after having published an article in Croatian which he hoped will attract not only new subs, but also the 200 votes necessary to complete the upcoming mission.

Where have the subs gone? Why precisely the subs from 316 to 312? Why not for example 254? Why Asseco and nobody else?

The list of questions goes on, but some things remain a mystery.


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Hahahahahahahahah ravers hits Laugh
My subs disappear too 😦
rip in pepperoni, subs
Fookin disgrace!
haha poor aseko
People get annoyed with constant notifications of articles they can t read and understand. So they unsubscribe.