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Good evening.

Many of you would expect another suggestions article, about updates, events and missions that would make game more interesting, or even easier... Well this article is not about this.
I have been playing this type of games, since 2009. When er.ep first launch. I maybe a masochist but i realy like this type of games. It's not just the (poor sometimes) gameplay, but it's the community itself that keep the interest high and motivates the few of us left to play, continue playing.
After all these years, i have known people by their real names, my friends or virtual enemies. Rafail, Eleni, Kaveh, Renato, Grim, Smokie, and many many others... Sorry it would take whole article just to name you all.
My friends do not get more but less as time p. Cause from time to time, there are few of them that leave and never return.
This game has turned into a constant loop of the original release back then at 2009. It has kept the successful (for then) philosophy and simplicity but has not evolved even a bit. Since 2009 online games have made jumps ahead. There are games that seem to be light years ahead; while er.ep like games, are stuck under the same template, same patern all over again. 
The game itself, is not attractive for a new player. It has nothing to keep the demanding customer bound to it. It's not 2009, it's almost 2019 and demands of gamers are very high. It fails to keep the interest of a newcomer high, usually logs in, checks, and out. The shrink of our actual lation, is because active people leave and they do not get replaced by others. 
No matter how many baby boom projects may get organized, no matter how many friends we invite, unless the philosophy of the game changes, we are doomed to play with the same people at the next edition of this game too. And less, as few might leave already. 

This game needs a new user interface to make it interesting and attractive.
Needs events and missions for newcomers that will keep them logged to the game for at least 48 hours.
Needs the communication that is the heart of the game to be transfer also IN GAME, not just to external and 3rd party apps like discord or whatsapp or whatever. If a newcomer sees the living community, the fun and action, he might get triggered to stay for a while.
Needs people that will guide to first steps, a job not necessarily to be done by players but moderators too. Moderating is not just spying on the enemies you know. Could be useful for the game too.
Needs a complete and well structured wiki, so someone new can get fast and easy the info he's looking for.
Needs a decent application for mobile phone.

Unless all these changes happen, i will continue to play with Rafail and make fun with goats and swearing in mordor each other,but probably noone new to share fun with. Until one of us 2 decides that he's too bored to carry on playing games like this and abandon. 

This is how we will make our community grow. So unless you do not intent to use this just for occasional profit, opening one server after the other with the same old audience all the time, you need to work and evolve.


PS: sorry for text block I am just too bored to add images and make it shinny :P


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4rd i guess
good article mate!!
This is my last eGame. I don t plan in playing eRev3 or some other game with similar games. Tired of being moved from one website to another, Same shI.T happens then repeat. over and over again. Most experienced players are simply playing for their friends right now like Ktab said. Admins please make something meaningful out of this opportunity to make the best game possible not only for us but for you too.
I agree with you bro
My last game too. If here have no improvements and events, just gonna stop one day.
Sad story
you rejoin the same thing and expect different results? its erev2 ffs.
Dont trust him. Maybe he dont think like that. He may change his idea tonight o7
V34 pls re vote
not one mention on me only to that goatfucker rafail Sad triggered
Sad truth Sad
117/160 https://www.erev2.com/en/article/1367
Some as you 2009 start and its truth all you say my friend. V177
s123 v185
subbed and vote. no need to do the same. did it because of the article. been playing earlier than 2009. spot on
s 140 + v 224 👍 ¡v4v! ¿s4s? Send Sub and Vote number, Thx! https://www.erev2.com/es/article/1872