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Hello friends,
I wish you a great fun on this server and a lot of new friends and allies.
In this article I will write few statistics about eWorld.

Today at 2nd day of eRev v2 in 16:30 at this server was register 2,623 players.
eTaiwan have 29 players what is 0.011%.

Curently the best player(based on exp) on server is Hasilla who have 1700xp.

Country with the most players is Spain-204 players(0.077%).

Best MU based on exp is Fuerzas Armadas(97 players).

Best player based od dmg is Katzengott from Germany(8.9 million dmg).

Best Super Solider is Hasilla with 103 strenght.

Every few days I will write more articles about eWorld statistic if you like it.

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One song from me.


I wish you all good night.


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