The Seven Seas

Published in United States of America - Political debates and analysis - 10 Nov 2018 05:12 - 13


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Don t just vote for the mission. Vote because you care Laugh
Totally agree with this, especially for journalism mission because i think the mission (vote 50 and 200) don t have effect to increase meaning article of erev 2
Voted becaus I care Cheeky
Ace :heart:
Dude i want a views counter.
Hail Ace o/
Banning S4s and V4v is best idea in history
yes to all of them
YES especially to medals system, after 20 it must be 4 g after 50 3 g after 100 2g after 200 - 1 G
Old Sub + v113 👍 ¡Good newspaper! ¡v4v! Send SubVote number