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Who drew these borders, Sykes and Picot? 
Haha, just kidding. The lovely admins did it. I for one, am in love with the new fifty *cough*  fifteen states. 
Between all the new states, there is one that soars above the rest in terms of quality, esteem, and admiration:



Fun Facts about Mountain:

Mountain, the best state in the union, is distinguished from the other states because it is a triskaidecagon (13 sided polygon). It is also the biggest and most beautiful of the American states.

Mountain is the only state in the eUSA that borders both Canada in the north, as well as Mexico in the south. Thats a one tile border!

New Mexico is entirely contained within the armpit of Mountain.

What do you like about the new map, which country choices are you the most interested in?

Will Sub-For-Sub if you are trying to get the Media Mogul medal!



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