Three eyed raven

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The game has started 3 days ago and remember

Winter is coming 

for now autumn is here so enjoy and sub and vote my paper  :P


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S40 V5 Smile7
@reddan s64.... @Goratrix s96 ... thanks
s49 v7 please return
Voted Laugh Laugh
63 return pls
66 back pls
Thanks all .. all sub is returned
S100 Wink
Thanks Alcek o7
s150 v13 s155
thanks ... all sub was returned
s166 v17
s182 s4s
done o7
wow vote for a girl
done o7
sub, now sub me back or i m gonna cry Sad
Don t cry Flindix .. S3 for you Laugh
S203, good luck! Friday Funny Pics
s260 sub back mate! Smile
All done.. thanks o7
Vote 4 House Stark!
need 15 gold to upgrade TG will repay in hugs and kisses! Kiss
S289 V27
S290 Sub back bro
all subs is returned.. thank you o7
already sub v29
already sub v30
old sub
thanks o7
Sub 304 vote 33 Smile
Thnaks @Napoleaon S43
sub 367