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   Hi friends,

 You are certainly thinking how to earn golde in this game easily

 I ll tell you one way to earn about 20 gold

 You see mission 10 Merchant – Sell 500 products

Step 1

Sell 500 products on your country  market

Just  you be careful , you do not complete this mission in yourbcountry !!  

Step 2

You need to move to a country with a strong exchange rate of the domestic
currency, such as South Korea

Step 3

You open and compete  your mission

Step 4

You  your money put in local monetary market andjust waiting

Leave 40 cc for back home

   I hope that I helped you

   P.S.Sorry for bad english :/

 P.P.S. thanks Sar Bel for big help

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Comments (22)

At last not v4v article
Nice try, lol
don t forget to keep 40 cc, other way you remain blocked for ever in SK! v7, old sub
@Galdrael put thanks
you are destroying the economics of the game by informing people... the value of those currencies is threatened.
@johnadi Free journalism can never destroy anything Wink
@Elizium this is not scam. Scam is the artificial lift of the course local currencies and the maintenance of a high course and the blocking of the players who move into this countries Wink
I support merciless capitalists! If you want to earn real cash, you buy as much local CC as possible, then whipe the country from the map, and let it come back. Then you dictate the currency Cheeky
Those who need KRW can come to SK and complete the mission and get KRW Cheeky There is no need to buy at a high price in the currency exchange market Laugh
@HaakHaak I pay 1 gold for 99 KRW :p
Cheeky Wink
come come Smile
s 241 + v 85 👍 ¡v4v! ¿s4s? Send Sub and Vote number, Thx!
sub 261 vote 117 o7
last 6 votes, pls.