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NGC 7293
also known as(a.k.a.) Helix Nebula, which is located in the constellation Aquarius-about 700 light-years away from Earth

The Sombrero Galaxy a.k.a. M104 and NGC 4594 in Infrared Light. Distance:35 million light years. Constellation: Virgo


M2-9 a.k.a. Twin Jet Nebula and Butterfly Nebula
. Distance: 2000 light years. Constellation: Ophiuchus

NGC 6543 a.k.a. Cat's Eye Nebula. Distance: 3000 light years. Constellation: Draco.

MyCn 18 a.k.a.Hourgl Nebula. Distance: 8000 light years. Constellation: Musca.

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най-смислената статия, която съм видял в тази игра