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As you all know our admins give us some brand new missions (sure they are)
one of those missions is to collect some VOTEs at my article, so I had to throw 2g to create this (useless) newspapers, and now Im writing this (useless) text to publish something that you could VOTE for, even most of you wont even read what its about, most of you will also send me IGM with link of their article and ask me for VOTE and SUB, and what we got from adimins isnt new mission its brand new reason for V4V and SUB4SUB fucking action :(

if you want VOTE this shitty article, but please dont ask me to sub more useless newspapers.

For end of this great article Ill give you some sexy photos of some famous porn actres so you can go to toilet and do your things :D





P.S. first that writes her name in comment will be rewarded, after I fulfill mission ofc.


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aaliyah hadid
s 27 + v 42 👍 ¡v4v! ¿s4s? Send Sub and Vote number, Thx!