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Published in Croatia - Social interactions and entertainment - 08 Oct 2018 05:16 - 0

Hello everyone, today we play new game, im so excited and happy, I cant hardly wait to start making factories, shoot in battle, collect bonus, read stup*d comments on wall, see new(old) friends (enemies), VISA g@y people, waiting admins to put new things it will probably make the game worse but does matter. Im so happy :D

 I dont know for you guys but i have a feeling that I seen all of that, Nah its probably Déjà Vu it is certainly not about we playing games like this 10 times at least, this is new game with new things...

So i want ask you guys why you play this? what is special about this game we see all of this many times, what is differently? tell me because I do not know!!!

And today is Croatian Independence Day, yeah i know its beautiful but many lives are destroyed for fre*, but today politicians like in the whole world... i have money i dont not care for my people.



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