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~~ By joining this group you are agreeing to abide by the rules below:

--WE DO NOT GIVE OUT WARNINGS! The rules are simple, don t follow them, you will be removed from our groups.

1. Be respectful; personal abuse, obscene, harassing, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or defamatory remarks in bad taste won t be tolerated.

2. Please be mindful of channels and their uses!

3. Do not spam or advertise other Discord servers; such things will be deleted.

4. If a moderator asks you to stop doing something, you should stop. A moderator can mute or ban anyone of their own discretion.

5. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate images or links. A slight show of body is okay but DO NOT be excessive
• Hentai/Porn
• Sexually Suggestive Images
• Gore

6. To be as inclusive as possible, we d prefer that everyone use English here.

7. Report any known scammers immediately to any @Moderators. They will be banned from the server within 24 hours unless the issue is clarified.

8. Report to @Admin if #prices is not up to date

If you feel you ve been wrongly muted or banned you can private message @Ace🔥 about it.

A Market bot will be added in the next upcoming days 


Market help

Product list :
rawfood, rawweapon, food, weapon, house, hospital, ds

Quality :
q1, q2, q3, q4, q5

market {product} {quality}

!! at the start of a command 

Ex: !!rawfood , !!food q1, etc

The server is meant for professional traders. Either abide by the rules or be removed. Join with this link -  

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o7 , best market is a organized one ; )
3. Do not spam or advertise other Discord servers; Said Ace who spammed link to his discord on every discord. Ok.
Nice o7
@Herosiv hehehehe 🤣🤣 true true true
Count me in