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1. Be respectful; personal abuse, obscene, haring, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or defamatory remarks in bad taste won't be tolerated.

2. Please be mindful of channels and their uses!

3. Do not spam or advertise other Discord servers; such things will be deleted.

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5. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate images or links. A slight show of body is okay but DO NOT be excessive
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8. Report to @Admin if #prices is not up to date

If you feel you've been wrongly muted or banned you can private message @Ace🔥 about it.

A Market bot will be added in the next upcoming days 


Market help

Product list :
rawfood, rawweapon, food, weapon, house, hospital, ds

Quality :
q1, q2, q3, q4, q5

market {product} {quality}

!! at the start of a command 

Ex: !!rawfood , !!food q1, etc

The server is meant for professional traders. Either abide by the rules or be removed. Join with this link -  

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o7 , best market is a organized one ; )
3. Do not spam or advertise other Discord servers; Said Ace who spammed link to his discord on every discord. Ok.
Nice o7
@Herosiv hehehehe 🤣🤣 true true true
Count me in