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I don’t do many interviews but this one is well deserved
In this article, I will be interviewing the President of The United States  Ktab.

Well without further ado lets introduce the man of the hour!...KTAB

So, ktab start by telling us more about yourself?

I am Kostas from Greece, older than you for sure, I have been playing this kind of games since 2009. Ex Panzer, many times in the administration of countries and alliances.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the USA had 5 ongoing wars at once Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, and South Korea. At the same time USA was invading Russia and Kazakhstan. 7 Open conflicts. When Nations League started targetting USA what was your initial reaction?

NL launched a synchronized attack against USA as soon as Pantheon European branch attacked Turkey. The signs were there when first NE laws proposed we knew that we would have to fight valiantly against them. First laws were SK, Argentina, and Peru. DWs proposed next day. Meanwhile, Peru CP was temp banned and that gave us the opportunity to launch an attack first. That gave us some extra time, to prepare attacks better. We knew that no matter what they would do, region Mountain was a bottleneck and only one would p. We scheduled all defense of our country upon this fact. We easily dropped bonuses regions, cause when you are at war and defend yourself bonuses is the least you have to worry about. Regions are still there, we will go again after recovery.

Did you ever think USA could come out on top :)?

Yes, I did. Cause USA consists of really active, experienced and ready for battle people. War is not something strange for us. And i knew that eventually visas would get exhausted and teamwork  would prevail. We were too strong and too organized to lose a war like this.

Throughout the war, many regions were exchange and sometimes even lost for days. Did you ever waver, lost hope and even considered a surrender? If so why didn’t you just give up?

There were times that people in government felt disappointed, even me at a specific time, thoughts of capitulation had ped through mind but left just seconds after. These thoughts was not due to our lack of fight but the isolation from allied help to arrive. We actually fought alone, for too long against many fronts. The only thing that kept us standing up, was the staggering help we got from alliance through MPPS. Especially Bulgaria and Romania, were absolutely amazing!! Only when Canada entered war things started to get better. We managed to synch attacks on our prime time and this really turned the course of war. Once we achieved this, we knew that we wouldn’t miss the chance.

What is one strength you enemies had but you lacked?

Team work, and group attacks. USA was alone at the time, with no ability to open several fronts to our enemies. Getting Mexico into war would possibly cause one extra problem for alliance, and we thought we could fight better alone, without getting our allies into trouble.

If you could go back to the last couple weeks of the war what is one thing you would change?

Tough question, as the war turned out well for us, asking what would you change in a successful defense. Maybe what I would change is that I would have attacked Argentina to their cores and give NL even bigger pressure. We, the people that formed USA, have learnt to live with war through our experience in this kind of games, losing a core region, or even USE regions for defense is familiar. A national country is different to accept something like this.

Your first term was plagued by wars that were not going so well for the nation but many players still choose to support you for a 2nd term(Myself included). Why is that?

What is the next step for USA? Do you see yourself running for a 3rd term as president? Explain your response :)

War was not a choice of mine. We got attacked and we had to defend. Simple as that. Especially when you have so many simultaneous and coordinated fronts, it’s certain that at first things will not get right. You will lose battles, you will lose bonus, even lose morale (we didn’t :) ). Just remember that Turkey and Poland were erased with much fewer fronts. At times of war, people chose to support their leader. It’s not that i am something special, not even the best CP USA could have. But when you are at war, by default you support leadership. It’s just human. The fact also is, that even we were at war, we never forgot our people. There have been several TG upgrades for citizens of USA, gold invested in the future of this great country. We never closed the door to any immigrant that wanted to join USA and our great community. But most of all, people that would form the leading team of the country, were chosen without any prejudice, none was excluded due to rl origin, everyone well deserved his service placement. It was my team that was great, not me.
Regarding 3rd term… I think what I could do for the country, I did it, in really difficult times. Peace needs different kind of leaders. I strongly doubt I will run for a 3rd term unless there is no other option. But USA has many of them.

Well, Ktab I’m glad to have you as my first interview. I wish you the best of luck to the remeinder of your president. I am glad to have you as my president and leader. You're doing a great job. Keep it up. Ight gotta stop -kissing ;) . Do you have any last words before we end the interview?


Enjoy the game, keep the fun, be flexible and soft on people that do not understand we are here to play a game. And last last word: admins we will try our best to make this game better than all the rest of it’s kind. But you have to help people that have no intention of paying to play, to follow up as much as they can; FIX MEDALS MILESTONES NOW!

USA NAP - Published by Diesel

Apologies if the interview was not up to expectation. I hope the next one will satisfy your taste 
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