The Seven Seas

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This is the first in an eRev history series that will also encomp eRev1.

As of day 41, we are in the last stages of the first World War in eRevollution, with Nations' League on one side and Vendetta, Axios Mortem, and Pantheon on the other. This 3-part article will describe the history of the war from start to finish

Formation of Alliances

Three blocs formed at the beginning of the game. Brazil led South America and entered negotiations with Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, and North America to create an Asia-America alliance. Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria, the three traditional Balkan superpowers of eRev, formed a corporation that would later become Pantheon. Finally, Turkey and Iran renewed their traditional alliance and tried to join the Balkan alliance.

At the time, it was widely believed that Bulgaria, Brazil, and Spain were superpowers due to their lation, while Serbia and Romania were the strongest after them. Despite later becoming powerful, the United States at the time was actually quite a weak country, and was only 8th in strength.

There was a clash between USA and Peru over deer in Auckland, New Zealand, so Peru vetoed the US's entry into the pan-American alliance. This led the US, Canada, and Mexico to join the Balkan powers instead, and form Pantheon along with Portugal, which was dominated by the OFC mercenary unit. Portuguese President Marcial was chosen as the alliance's first Supreme Commander. Turkey also attempted to join Pantheon, but was refused after Pantheon discovered that Turkish CP AtropatesS was sharing screenshots behind the back of the alliance.

The Pantheon alliance alarmed the other countries. A coalition of countries around Pantheon formed Casus Belli, later known as Vendetta, choosing Greek President Safer as Supreme Commander. Ireland, while being a small country, became prominent through good organization and PR, and made an alliance of Italy, Poland, France, themselves, the UK, and Bosnia called Axios Mortem (AM). Nation's League (NL) was the last and most powerful alliance to form. The Asia-America bloc merged with Turkey and Iran and added Spain, Bosnia, the UK and Poland to form a mega-alliance that at the time controlled half the world's lation.

At the time, it seemed like cooperation between Vendetta and NL was possible because of historically close relations between Turkey and Georgia, who were brothers in eRev1, and how Vendetta completely surrounded the Balkan powers of Pantheon. However, this chance was ruined by AtropatesS, who told Casus Belli that Nation's League would not help them fight Pantheon, and then personally insulted Georgian President Aveun. Aveun documented the experience in an article linked here. Pantheon HQ then cultivated good relations with Casus Belli HQ and resolved territorial disputes over Italy, and set the stage for cooperation. Finally, Axios Mortem, which was already clashing with the UK, sided with Pantheon, angry that Nations' League had taken three of their members.

Early game expansion

The USA, after being beaten to New Zealand by Peru, invaded Russia, along with Turkey and Bulgaria. Romania ped through Ukraine to go to Northern Europe. South Korea and Taiwan invaded China, which was ruled by Paraguayans, and Indonesia dominated Southeast Asia. Iran invaded Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Mexico invaded Central America, and Georgia invaded Azerbaijan.

The most complicated resource grab happened in the North. Spain had ambitions on Iceland and Canada, but was forced into a NAP with Canada when Pantheon threatened them. The United Kingdom fought with Ireland over Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, and ultimately came out on top, taking 100% house bonus. However, Ireland was able to successfully build a second base in Sweden.

Blitzkrieg: The War in Europe

The target of Pantheon and Vendetta was their common enemy: Turkey. Just a day after acquiring 100% food bonus, Turkey and its Russian territories were attacked by Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Georgia. Turkey's defense was poorly coordinated. Atropates did not start resistance wars, and did not delay attacks on regions. In 6 days, Turkey fell. Most of its community moved to Iran, forming the TurkIran party.

After Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania invaded the minor NL country of Poland, rapidly wiping it out.

The most capable NL country in Europe proved to be Bosnia, which fought an excellent war against Serbia - a country with twice the lation. Bosnia was helped by a number of VISA players, and good maneuvering. They penetrated into Serbia multiple times, and at one point took the Serbian capital. The front largely stalemated, with Serbia and Bosnia trading regions in their own cores and in Montenegro.
Bosnia’s tanks were the secret of its survival

Nations' League had more success, however, in the West. Days into the war, UK acquired full house bonus. More importantly, Brazil was doing excellently in its war versus Portugal. At the time, Brazil had CelioMG, the only supertank in the game (a tank with 8+ WQ5 factories producing just for him - able to sell weps in peacetime to buy energy, and use energy and weps in wartime - basically someone who tanked for free). While Portugal, home of the famous OFC mercenary unit, had many tanks, none of them were self-sustaining. As a result, Brazil's attack on Portugal resulted in some early Portuguese victories, including the mive Battle of Lisboa, but eventually, Brazil was able to outlast Portugal and forced it into the war's first NAP (Non-Aggression Pact) in which Brazil got Lisbon and Azores, but gave Senegal to Portugal.

The Long Defiance: The American Front

Turkey was the main target of Pantheon and Vendetta, and the USA was the main target of Nations' League. While the decision might seem bad in hindsight, it made sense at the time. The USA was not yet a superpower and was still only 6th in damage power. It also bordered a large number of Nations' League countries due to its occupation of Russia.

Iran, Argentina, South Korea, Peru, and later Brazil waged simultaneous wars against the United States. What happened next was probably eRev 1 and 2's only example of a country winning a 5v1 war, and one of the most epic stories in the history of the game.

The US was overextended when the first attacks came. It badly underestimated South Korea, which had three powerful tanks - Ernest Jeon, Hasilla, and Korea, who won all direct battles against the US. Damage was split between Peru and Argentina, meaning the US lost on both fronts. Meanwhile, the USA was able to beat Iran - newly lated with most of Turkey - on a number of occasions, due to the country's lack of organization. Eventually, however, the US abandoned its colony in Kazakhstan through resistance war.

South Korea and Peru proceeded to launch an invasion of the USA's cores. Most of the USA's leadership was from the international Panzer and Green Berets MUs in eRev 1, and therefore they were uniquely willing to give up cores for strategic purposes. US MoD Cypher hatched a plan to lure Peru into the giant "Mountain" region, meaning the USA would only have one front, before removing Peru from North America. While the plan worked to delay Nation's League, the US had lost 75% of its regions.
Battle of New Mexico

Around the same time, Spain broke its non-aggression pact with Canada and invaded Quebec. Originally, cooperation between AM and Pantheon stalled the Spanish, but they overpowered Canada with the force of their main tank, Trapicecok, and took the Canadian capital of Ontario, destroying the first Q5 hospital in the game.

Turning the Tide

Around the same time, however, major developments occurred in the US's strength. Ktab and Diesel, two USA VISA players set up the first commune system in the game, which provided food at a time when the world was starving. Because of this, the US started to receive dozens of immigrants. More immigrants came when US President ktab recruited the Paraguayans to migrate to USA after South Korea and Taiwan occupied China. The US suddenly acquired a reputation as a nation of immigrants, and many individuals came on their own accord, including Turks, British/Macedonians, Russians, Germans, South Americans, and Serbians. The US rose from the 8th strongest country in damage power to the 2nd.

Second, the USA's main VISAs - Diesel, ktab, and NoTry, started spending more money on the game in a desperate attempt to save their country. Their spending would only increase as the war ended, and would be decisive.

After Peru attacked New Mexico, the US pulled off a narrow victory, and countered at Mountain. The US was subsequently turned back at Northwest USA by Ernest Jeon, Korea, and HaSilla, but still held the initiative on the Peruvian front. Ktab initiated a resistance war in Hawaii and conquered California in a direct battle, removing Peru from the USA's cores.
NW Pacific: South Korea turns -20 million wall to +10 million in 30 minutes

Nations' League Counterattack

The fall of Turkey and Poland, and stalling of the American front led Nations' League to reorganize its HQ. Brazilian President Governador was elected the new SC, and attacked the American capital of South Atlantic to revitalize the American front.

This threw the United States into a panic. Buying immense amounts of gold, the USA created its own supertank to counter CelioMG in the account of Diesel. This over-reaction was due to the immense importance of the battle - if the USA lost its most lated region and hospital, the war would be over.

Ultimately, in the face of a Q3 Defense System and high wall, Brazil gave up the battle. The same night, Diesel organized a mive bomb attack by the United States, OFC, and Mexico against South Korea in the Battle of West North Central. This gave the US, for the first time, an initiative on all three of its fronts, ending the Nation's League counterattack. The events of the night were decisive, with American leaders informing Pantheon that the outcome of the war was no longer in doubt.

Meanwhile, good news arrived on the Canadian front. Though Brazil signed an NAP with Portugal, Spain decided to step on it by invading Senegal themselves. This led to a declaration of war by Portugal against Spain, in which Portugal won a series of costly battles. To relieve pressure on Canada and Portugal, Croatia from Vendetta agreed to open a second front against Spain.
Battle of Andalusia

The 15 Minute Disaster

After the Mexican-American bomb attack, the US and Canada went on the offensive against South Korea. US President ktab and Canadian President Eddie opened three resistance wars against the South Korean Empire, in North Korea, China, and Canada. These were meant to be drains, but all ended within 15 minutes of each other and the direct battles. However, what happened next was one of the most epic moments of the game.

The US's new supertank Diesel noticed the short time frame in which the battles ended and concocted a plan to use his bombs and hits to win every single SK battle. First, he hit for Croatia in Valencia. Panicking at the sight of the American supertank, Spain overkilled the battle by 37 million, distracting Nations' Leagues attentions. Next, he raced between the 5 open battles - 2 direct and 3 resistance wars, moving faster than the South Korean bomb squad to narrowly win each battle. The result was that South Korea lost 5 regions in the span of 15 minutes, and was completely ejected from North America.

Meanwhile, the US conceived a plan to allow Brazil to penetrate into useless fruit regions in New England and Mid Atlantic (Channeling them through putting a Defense System in South Atlantic), hoping to hold them in East North Central. However, the intervention of Bulgarian tank Picaroon - doing 50 million damage in a single battle - resulted in a Brazilian defeat at Mid Atlantic and the end of the Brazilian offensive.

The End of the North American War

The US continued pushing after the 15-minute disaster, retaking Auckland deer from Peru before invading the old Peruvian capital at Lima. Peru's many light tanks put up a valiant fight, but the effect of the USA's supertank was decisive: over the course of the week, Diesel alone dealt 50% of the damage of the United States, which was more than all but 3 countries.
Battle of Auckland: Narrow victory for USA

South Korea, meanwhile, had continued to struggle with RWs. Losing another Chinese and North Korean RW, they set their entire focus on reconquering the regions lost to rebellions, and entirely ignored the US front. As a result, the US's incursion into Korean Russia was unopposed. While South Korea's 3 heavy tanks put out impressive damage in the early game, they lacked a strong WQ5 production line to tank for free, and their damage output dropped off after the Battle of Northwest US.

The single most important development, however, happened in Brazil - the strongest NL country. Brazil was frustrated that many NL countries were farming (playing only economy) while they were fighting hard, and wanted to end the war. The Battle of Azores was the last straw.

After a successful invasion of the Peruvian home regions, Pantheon switched its focus to the ongoing American invasion of Azores. The battle was hopeless from the start: Brazilian supertank CelioMG was fully stocked and did 40 million, while Pantheon's supertank Diesel had already emptied his stocks for the day. However, Brazil's victory was costly. The very next day, Brazil announced it was leaving Nation's League, leaving the alliance without its strongest country and its only supertank. On day 40, South Korea and Peru concluded NAPs, giving up rubber, aluminum, oil, and deer bonus.

The Fall of Iran

The last Nations' League titan standing was Iran, which in theory was a superpower. Its damage power (strength of active citizens) was almost as high as Brazil and the USA's, but the country was badly organized, had few tanks, had no supertank, and was notorious for its farming habits. Romania, Georgia, and Greece launched an offensive against Iran, which resulted in swift conquests. Iranian gave up fights for the most lated regions (thus, surrendering all 2-clickers), and was mired in internal conflicts. The campaign was competently fought by Romanian President BattleHero, who simply chased the Iranians from capital to capital and ignored resistance wars. Iran lost 3 capitals in 5 days, ending the war with a whimper.

The Fall of Sarajevo

Bosnia, meanwhile, was still putting up a considerable fight. However, once the full attention of Vendetta and Pantheon could be directed against their front, the war started to shift in Serbia's favor. Serbia won a series of battles, concluding with the conquest of the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo on day 42, hammering the nail in the coffin for Nations' League's toughest country.


The First World War was an epic struggle, parts of which are still raging. The Spanish front remains open, and the UK continues to fight Ireland, while Indonesia is still supporting its allies around the world. Bulgaria has emerged from this conflict the unquestioned biggest winner, acquiring full bonuses and solidifying its status as the strongest country in the world. European NL has seen the worst of the conflict, with three of its members wiped. NL Asia-America(AA), meanwhile, has escaped almost unscathed, with no country losing more than 1 bonus.


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