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Unexpected interview. I was initially planning to Interviewing Governador and Admins only but Diesel is also interested in getting interviewed. This article I will be interviewing my long-time friend Diesel.

Hey Diesel,

Alright, let's start. Start by introducing yourself.

Hey, Y'all I’m .

You have spent a lot of USD past couple of weeks (I know cuz I’m his ref 22 ) you must see potential in the game to invest so much money into it. What is your expectation for the game?

I expect it to go on for a while. We have a very strong community.

What prompted you to spend so much money in the game?

Part panic and part theory. At the time, USA lost 75% of its regions. I bought some, but still lost a battle to SK and was spending 6 gold per 100 weapons. Then it dawned on me that if I built a ton of factories, my profits would let me tank for free. I spent a lot at once so I wouldn’t have to again. So far, the theory has proven to be true. I can do 1,000 hits per day for free - this includes gold costs for energy packs. I am sure there will be people who spend a lot more on the game, I only bought a lot of gold at one time, that way I wouldn’t have to later.

Visa players are often grouped as one but I’m interested in your story. What is one thing that differentiates you from other VISA players? 26

Definitely understanding of military mechanics. Most VISA players are… how should I say this… bad at tanking? I remember once I hit at t7 against a 10 million wall, and the enemy (some of the game’s biggest VISAs) panicked and overkilled the battle by 37 million. If they knew anything about tanking, they would know it took a tank 15 minutes at least to turn around a 10 million wall at that point in the game.

I genuinely enjoy using money as efficiently as possible with good knowledge of the game. As I mentioned already, I tank for free because of my business dealings, but I also like hitting efficiently. A good example is the 15-minute RW blitz against South Korea, where I barely won a 5 battles in 15 minutes by moving fast. If I was even a second too slow, I’d be trapped in a country like North Korea with no currency. I think that moments like that are the full experience of the game - it’s no longer about clicking 8 times a day, but feels like a first person shooter since you’re moving so fast and getting a lot done.

You have been recently appointed as the MoFA of USA. What is the next plan for USA? Where do you see the country a few months from now?

Retake Kazakhstan and get 3x100 bonuses. Right now, WWI is over and it’s a scramble from the winners to get as many bonuses as they can. We will repay all debts to our allies who supported us in our war. That said, most of Pantheon doesn’t want to create an overpowered alliance, so we will make sure the sides in the next world war are fair.

You are obviously an ambitious man. Do you see yourself as the president or Supreme Commander in a nearby future?

Yes definitely.

As the strongest player in the game currently, your voice holds a lot of weight. How do you plan to use that to advance your agenda?


CelioMG and I have been lobbying the admins to increase the medal and rank gold. Even though I VISA, I don’t waste much of my gold and all of it is invested in business, so I know how hard it is to make money and “farm” well in this game, especially for non-VISAs. I still buy gold and support the game and admins, but want to see the medal gold increased.

Your obviously one of the most experienced player in the game what advice would you offer to new players joining/figuring out the game?


Make yourself useful and ask for other people’s opinions. Don’t have your own. I joined late in erev1 but became CP of USA my 2nd month through doing this. You don’t become CP or SC because of your experience, but because you are willing to listen to other players and consider their opinions. The most powerful players in this game are all sponges. They listen to others and have few opinions of their own. This is the secret to how you get alliance HQ, cabinet, and CP roles. Only in those positions do you really experience the game.

A big mistake I see a lot of active newbies make is having your own opinions. This game seems simple, but really is very complicated. When you’re new, all your ideas are wrong. Only after months of playing do you start having good opinions.

The best way to learn is to join your country’s cabinet. You can usually get a deputy cabinet role just by asking and seeming active. Once you’re there, listen to everyone and ask a lot of questions. Eventually, everyone will see you as the natural choice of leader since you listen to what they say. If you have special skills, this helps as well. For example, I could write well, do graphics, and had a website business when I joined the game, so I was able to get into government fast.

Finally, with regards to business and economic module - build Q3 food, Q3 food, Q3 food. Q1 house is good as well. When you are rich, move to Q5 weapons.

The reason for this is that VISA players are the biggest customers in the game, not governments. VISAs buy a lot of food and weapons. House, meanwhile, pays for itself since it gives you double-work.

Avoid hospital and DS at all cost. Taxes are low in this game and most governments are dirt poor. They are so hard to sell.

Well, thank you for agreeing to my interview  22 Any last words/wisdom you want to impart to us poor plebs?


Whatever you do, stay loyal to your friends and find people you can trust. Especially with the 20 company limit, it’s impossible in this game to play truly solo. You need to help other people and have them help you in return. At the same time, there are people who you can’t trust who are just using you, and you need to be able to recognize that as well.

Last Question

You or Celio?

Celio. He has been playing this game much longer and is probably the single best player in terms of econ, war, and politics. A lot of players are good at 1 thing, but Celio and Kaveh are the only people who are geniuses at all 3.

Go buy gold Diesel xD. If you like the interview Vote-Subscribe-Share. VSS is one way you can motivate me to write more article. Apologies if the interview was not to par with your expectation o7.  Next guests include Governador -Admins - Cypher/Naki. (If your going to ask me to interview you it will take me few days to think about the questions. Don't expect immediate response)




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Congratulations on the good interview. I want to thank Diesel publicly for the help at Kazakstan I m really grateful. I hope one day I can repay at least a little I have no problem (outside hurting my parents interests) in fighting for the USA I ll be happy to do that. Now about the interview I really agree a lot about what Diesel says about how beginners should behave because until I made mistakes the beginners cannot be different. V 48 7
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