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Published in Greece - Social interactions and entertainment - 18 Nov 2018 07:06 - 13

We are all kinda bored and tired of hearing the same thing over and over... People asking for SvS or V4V mostly because of the missions that the admins implemented into the game.

I have to admit i don't like doing this but its legit the only way at the moment to finish my missions and maybe even get a medal if i get lucky.
But to anyone reading this, i promise to post more content in the near future and not to keep this as a dead V4V/S4S newspaper :D

Thank you all for the help !!! :heart:
Vendetta SC
Greece CP



PortgasAcepetros2B I T E R

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Sub + Vote + love, now give me gold ;D
Vote+ And Sub (Thanks for always being a huge supporter of my newspaper)
@polilogas no gold !!! xD @Ace i love your newspaper :3 hope i produce content as well that satisfies !
s25 v33
34/45 S back please.
S36 V47
S37 v 48
v51 - s40
Signed by future CP of Sri Lanka