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I promised an interview with Governador :P. Welp here it is. I hope you like it.

Governador = Lukas

I m not used to calling him Governador so we’ll go by his Ex-name Lukas.

Welcome, I m not used to the interview series Lukas. Been meaning to do this interview with you since eRev1 :’). I am happy you have given me the opportunity to interview you.  Without further ado, let s start.

Tell us about yourself Lukas?


First of all, thanks for this opportunity. I am Brazilian, 26, lawyer.
I have been playing games like this for a long time.  So I’m ready for your nasty questions.

Your term as Supreme Commander of NationsLeague was short lived. A powerful position you gave up. Why is that? If you could re-live the moment whats one thing you would change as SC? 22


I took the SC seat after the previous HQ become inactive (2 weeks) and started my work on there. The mess was already done, there was no organization and the new HQ tried to fix it. There was another election and I kept the seat. Countries were already wiped, and I saw no will on some members. I appreciate the effort of many countries but leaving there was the best option. I did the best I could so I left so another member, with other ways of work, could assume.

If I could change, I would propose myself SC on the first day of NL.

Brazil was the first country to leave NationsLeague a crucial decision during a world war. What prompted such change?


In complementation of the last answer Brazil, the Congress and I, as CP, didn t see future, and leaving was the best option.

Rapid geopolitical changes have been going in the background last few days. Where do you see the future of NationsLeague in the next couple of weeks?


Disbanded and over.

Brazil has been a strong country for last few years in similar games. What separates you from other countries?


We have important people behind the scenes, like Yoda, CelioMG, Nielton, Passira and tons of other important SOA members.

We have an organization, a lot of communication and the most important thing, the union between TROLL and SOA. Two groups in one made the union even better.

Sons of Anarchy is not just a Military Unit but a family. SOA has been able to withstand the test of time. What’s the magic trick? 20


Communication. It s not easy, we fight a lot. When I say a lot, I mean it.
Sometimes we stay days without talking to each other, but in the end, the willing to keep it up remains.

We like to solve problems and not to left it behind.

Out of all the countries in eRev which country do you fear and respect the most? 22


I fear no country, but I respect BiH, USA, Bulgaria, and Indonesia.

BiH - they are BRAVE and can face any danger with the heads up
USA - No only because of the friends, but for the ORGANIZATION.
Bulgaria - They have AMBITION and wish to grow
Indonesia - LOYALTY, I admire that.

Brazil is currently neutral without an alliance. What is the next step forward for the country?


Watch out the world changing. A balance would be better, but I can t be a liar and say that we won t go for any kind of bonus and search strong allies. We are still studying all possibilities.

If you could award one player in Brazil for its current standing in the world who would it be?



He is the father of us all, he takes care of us. Personally, we have a strong personality and we really fight a lot, but, we both respects each other decisions. He is honest, if he doesn t like something, he tells. If he likes, he recognizes it.

Besides that, he encourage people to grow, he doesn t wanna see him growing alone, but others with him.

It’s been a pleasure interviewing you. Unfortunately, I think I exhausted my brain cells at 12 at night.

Any last words to close of the interview?


Thanks a lot for this time. Guys, don t rage on Brazil :P, thanks.

Last Question

Celio or Diesel? 22


Apologies if the interview was not to par with your expectation o7.  Next guests include Admins -  Cypher/Naki





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