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Hello dear readers!

It's my duty to inform you as MoFA about the status of our Foreign Affairs, and to share with you any agreement Mexico does with the world.

As the game still doesn't implement organizations, I'll have to use my personal newspaper to give you all the relevant information; given that, you can expect from my articles either personal thoughts, political analysis or government related things.

And so, I present you the next agreement:

Brazil and Mexico, following mutual interests and searching an increased cooperation between our countries have agreed to the following points:

+ Mexico will rent Oriente, Las Villas and Western Cuba to Brazil.

+ Brazil will give Mexico 55G in exchange for these regions.

+ Both countries will have a NAP (Non Aggression Pact) during the term of this agreement, having the following conditions:
    Launching direct attacks against each other is forbidden unless both countries agree to it.
    Fighting against the other in direct attacks is forbidden.
    Fighting or raising RWs against the other is forbidden.
+ Brazil and Mexico will have complete autonomy about their own political and military decisions in the region, agreeing to not intervene in any country where the other has interests.

+ Governments of both countries also agreed to increase the cooperation to have a better relation trying to always work within a frame of respect and tolerance promoting good attitudes between our nations.

+ This agreement is valid for 30 days starting at day 48 and will automatically renew each month.

+ Both countries can cancel this agreement at any point, having to inform the other country with 7 days of anticipation, giving each other the opportunity to renegotiate the terms of this agreement.

+ If this agreement ends, both countries agreed to return the regions to the previous status quo.

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