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My first article was an interview with the Admins a few days after the release of eRev2. I have once again been given the wonderful opportunity to sit at the table and interview one of the creators of eRev2 TovarDante. I am grateful to Dante for being able to set this up. I hope you like it.

Without further ado..Let's Start!

Maybe some of the new players don’t know you yet, so let’s start with an introduction.

Hello, my name is Mateo(TovarDante) I’m from Croatia(Split) and member of the Administration Team of the game. There are also Sekulla and Tropico who are members of the team as well.

One of the early controversial issues at the beginning of the game were Training Ground upgrade days. You listen to the player's concern and adapted. This is a rare trait different from past admins. The real question is why? Even after you defended your decision by saying you tested and ran an experiment finding it was possible to upgrade TG every 10 days to Q5 without spending money :).

Well, the game is here for you and I personally honor your opinion and special of some older players. I know a lot of players and I talked with them so to make you happy we agreed to move Training Ground facilities upgrade dates on which you asked. I don’t know what was in past wrong with communication, but I’m well connected to a lot of you guys with talking about the game. I’m glad to hear every players opinion about the game would it be critic or prise about the game, and that will remain from my side.

So, explain to us players. How was it possible to achieve Q5 Training Grounds without spending money every 10 Days. How did you reach that conclusion?

The game was tested before release with a lot of accounts, and it’s possible without any stocking, solving missions spending all you have, you can reach the upgrade of the Training Centre. That means that you need to have wars spend bombs you got from event/missions and use Energy Bars. Also, a big help would be to skip one of the upgrades for a few days and build up raw companies, because it gives you some profit daily.

Why are admins so hesitant to not change the Travelling payment even after I publish this petition An article which received 184 Votes. This clearly shows the decision is unpopular. Why decide to keep it?

We are not going to change it for now. While discussing with players personally opinions are divided about it. Some players like it, some do not like it. But I don’t see that big problem with it. If you are an active player you will first see can you travel there, is there any proper offer on the Monetary Market, so you could buy a ticket home. This change is meant to keep active player active, and those who are infamous “two-click” it makes their life harder and trying to convince them to play actively. Also, this can be used on the battlefield in cooperation with the government of the country. In the worst way, it makes you send a message to people to make some deals. At least these games are here to connect you guys from all around the world :)

Another form of payment must be added to balance the game. There are several big countries in the game right now where Paypal is banned. Adding another form of payment ensures more profits for you guys and a stronger community within the game. There are so many reasons to say Yes and few No’s to this issue but its an update that's still not implemented a month and a half into the game. Why?

We are struggling with that. I was trying to make deal with Paysafe card for a month but they refused us and told us to contact them next year.

During the first world war, VISA players were allowed to buy an unlimited amount of Energy Drinks. In other games similar to eRev a cooldown was implemented for the purchase of Energy Drinks. eRev2 has kept the purchase of ED unrestricted. Can you walk us through your reasoning?

Well, I have a lot of work to do about the game and honestly, I missed that war. I wasn’t observing wars so much so I don’t know that situation. I saw some wars/battles but I don’t see big picture :). About Energy Bar, since we limited a lot Gold Buyers, we had a discussion for a few days in Administration Team and we decided not to make cooldown.

Many players are still hesitant to invest more into Weapons Q5 Factories when  Tanks could come out in a month--maybe 2. The admins may just implement Weapons Q6. What is the future for Weapons industry? Any insurance our initial investment won’t go to waste?

They can’t invest more than 20 companies :). Well like I told to all players which contacted me about that question. We have several scenarios, and we can not confirm any of it for now. We will see how will the game go and make our next steps carefully. There is a possibility that we won’t implement Tank factories and that we will just stay at one weapon and raise its quality.

What is your vision for the 20 Comp Limit?

Vision is to slow down Gold Buyers. When there is no limit about it, in the first few weeks Gold Buyers buy so many companies that nobody can reach them and follow them. With 20 Companies limit, we stop them to go far from rest of players.

There have been many brothers-sisters version of this game over the last couple of years. Innovation has stagnated in this genre of gaming. Highlight some features that differentiate eRevollution 2 from those other games?

Other games don’t have me haha :) Well I’m not so interested what are other games doing or what did they do. I have learned from mistakes of games which I played actively and I’m trying not to implement it here. Also since I was a player for a long time and I like to talk with all of you how to improve the game so we and you could be happy. Communication is the most important thing about this game, that is my opinion. With good communication players/administration, this game could be funnier and better than a rest I hope.

There was a lot of hype-hope about the release of eRev2. There was obviously expectation for the game on the Admins side of the aisle. What were those expectation and Day 49-50 into the game? Do you believe those expectations were met?

We have launched the game for long time goals, our main goal was not to make the same mistakes and make the game better than the previous one. If we do that game will last longer and you will be happier like us. We started with fixing main issues and preparing a lot of stuffs in future for the game so we don’t get “stuck in dead point”. We just thought that there will be more players, that is the only goal that we didn’t reach, and we are trying to reach it

As the creators to this game, you're obviously the experts of the game. What is some advice can you give to new players and even players who have been playing this genre of games for years?

All of you are focused on strength, or most of you are. In the early start, it’s better to focus on the economy so you can have gold and build up your account. It’s so easy to understand that in a few months that little strength difference is not so significant, or worst throughout a year that difference will be “smaller”. A difference of 100 strength is not so big when time pass.

There’s obviously a gap between players who spent money on the game (VISA) and those who don’t. What are some ways Presidents and Supreme Commanders of Alliances can bridge that gap?

Well, it’s obvious that player who buys gold will be in front of players who don’t buy gold :). But we think that we placed limits on stuffs which don’t allow them to run away from the rest of players. Also, we do not interfere with in-game politics and what should they do with state gold, how will they organize or help each other. You can share gold among yourself or buy weapons and sell cheaper for your comrades, whatever you want to do, it’s your call

I hope you read Marlock Suggestion and Mine. I know Ktab also sent Admins a doc with a list of suggestions. What are your thoughts on those suggestion and chance some of them will be implemented anytime soon?

All players who sent me suggestions got some answer :) Some things from articles we won’t implement, we are against them and agreed that we won’t implement it. We have already prepared some stuffs before opening the game to change and improve, but we didn’t want to place it from the start of the game. Some ideas are great and we will try to implement them, maybe next year some of the proposals from players will be implemented. Ktab is a great guy and I talk with them, before the start of the game and while the game is on board. There are also some players which I talk a lot with about game changes to see their opinion.

Saving the best for last. THE MEDAL SYSTEM

I obviously debated this a lot with Dante in my private conversation with him but for our readers. What were your expectations for the Medal System?

We won’t change that part, for now, it’s day 43. In future, you will get those medals easier when your strength grow. When we created the game we did some talks with players about changes(i won’t reveal their names) and did some math in it. Medals from True Ally, True Patriot, True Revolutionary gain you 5 Gold for each, you all have 20 medals which you reach easily, and rest is going a little bit harder. Our plan is to make the game little bit harder than it was erev1(my opinion that harder game is more interesting than easy one) where you can farm gold fighting without weapons. With this medal changes, the economy will be strong and price for weapons will be higher, also you can earn some money from RAW now. Players who shoot with bare hands can’t get medals(gold) daily, it’s harder to have multi accounts to gain some advance. And players who are active are prized. The gap of Gold we are planning to return trough missions and events, so active players will be prized and get gold gain advance than inactive ones. The biggest problem is that players who don’t play game actively are the same as those who are active daily, and we will try to make it different here.

Once again thank you for being given the opportunity to interview the admin team once again. Last words for our readers?

I’m pleased to answer your questions :). Good luck guys and have fun. Don’t forget we are here for you, don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone of Admin team at any time.

I’ll be back again :). I hope you liked the questions :p. Next time they’ll even be harder. Enjoy the rest of your day and Happy Thanksgiving.



Admin News 4.5 | Day 49

Lucky Dice

This event begins on Day 49 and lasts until Day 66 (Day 65 is the last day of the event).
Every day at Day change, a player will receive 2 dice which he/she can use in the event. Each field on the board contains a prize of some sort, and you will receive the one where your dice brings you. You can also receive dice on the battlefield, where you will have a 5% chance per hit to receive additional dice. Another way to receive additional dice is by buying gold packs from the Store. After you collect all prizes from a board, it will reset and you will be able to collect the prizes again from the beginning.

Dices can be saved they do NOT reset. 

Strength has been Replaced with Q5 Food + Gold

Black Friday

Black Friday discounts will last for 3 days. They will be available until Monday. Training Ground, Strategic Building and Special Items are on discount. Tomorrow is Day 50 - don't forget to train AFTER upgrading your Training Ground

Travelling Payment 

Your now able to travel for 1G only if you don't have currency from the country your in.

All the current Mission expire on Day 51. If you haven't already make haste and try to finish them before Day Change 51. Admins are currently working on new missions at this time. 


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