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Published in Indonesia - Social interactions and entertainment - 23 Nov 2018 20:04 - 6

Holy crap!

I just got invited by someone to play and try this browser game.
I got and had already read the tutorial from admin news (which the pictures are broken, there only printscr link that could not be open).

And my mind still confuses with the game.

How to eat/consume the food?
What is my objective in the game?

And then what the f*ck thing is ... the mission.

I am a newbie, joined in Day 49. How can I fulfill the requirements of the missions???
It is for old players--the one who joined in the first day of the game.

There are daily blablabla (I forgot the terms). But, it is not transparent. There is no accountability here. I don't know what should I do next after I played this game.


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consume food tinggal klik recover energy tp pastikan punya food (cek di storage) dan pastikan recover energynya sudah terisi (tiap 5 menit mengisi 10 energy)
Objective nya adalah bayangkan jaman kolonial, berlomba2 cari sumber daya buat mencapai kejayaan. perebutan sumber daya itu menyebabkan konflik kepentingan yang berujung perang. di sini kita bisa jadi penguasa, pemimpin negara, diplomat, politisi. jd prajurit militer, tentara bayaran, sampai panglima perang. Jadi pedagang, saudagar. atau sekrdar jadi rakyat jelata yg hidup hari demi hari. jadi jurnalis atau tergantung gmn kita mengeksplore game ini
This sort of a game takes time, be patient
In a game ini membosankn wkwkwk
PM nomer whatsapp, ane invite
Tnya2 digroup wa indo