Shilling for Shillings

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voted, Hail USA!
Hail Diesel o7
Hail Capitalism o7
Step 1: Move to USA Step 2: Work with 3x100 bonuses Step 3: ???? Step 4: Profit
Voted o7
step 1: See Ireland and France fighting against UK step 2: waiting UK to be drained step 3: DoW UK step 4: Take bonuses step 5: Do an article
HeavenHell, lol. And what were you doing the whole time?
Hail Delta Force, Hail USA.
We are the best o/
Wow. Always managing countries so good. Congrats Ulysses
Greediness will make you fall. Just wait, the time will come o7
Hail usa o7
USA great ally ♡
Hail friendship o7
good luck o7
Cheapest currency? 82/G is not cheap at all.