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Published in Greece - Battle orders - 25 Nov 2018 15:19 - 17

Today our elite Millitary Unit ( Hellenic Army ) completed the first mission given succesfully. After organizing an OH 2 hours before the battle ends, all our soldiers were preparing mentaly to win their first mission no matter what the cost, noone knew which battle it would be except the HQ but everyone had a hint since there was 1 MPP battle that seemed harder than any other battles on the battle tab.

The battle i am talking about is no other than France Vs UK which took place aproximately 2 hours ago. After getting their free weapon supply our Millitary unit offered for this battle and following all the battle orders given by me, their commander, our rush bellow the T-1 mark was succesfull to secure the battle for France. With over 6 million damage done in less than 1 minute, france managed to barely secure this battle with the help of a few brave men.
Though Greece had managed to hit for aroun 7,5 million during the day in this battle our Rush was actualy our vistorious move to secure this battle for our beloved allies France.
With this being our first big opperation and being succesfull, i want to thank all allies from diferent countries that helped a lot in this battle. I want to also thank my soldiers for being amazing as always today. Also my respects to the enemies, they showed teamwork and they were one inch away from defeating us o7.

Commander of Hellenic Army, Safer


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Salute to Greece o7
Hail all allies o7
nice job
thats a real OH, regret couldnt be there to see it with my own eyes. good job lads
o7agma SAFER! o7agma HELLENIC ARMY! o7agma GREECE! o7agma ALLIES!
Great work 😉
Bravo paidia! o7 Filakia Kiss
Vote! o7
Please dont tank all allies 😜 o7
@zebosk, dont worry about it we gonna do more :heart: o7
HAIL-lenic army o7
o7agma - Hellenic Army o7