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Signed by CP of Greece
Signed by CP of Georgia
Delete Gurgia
Signed by CP of Iceland
Shame on Iran . . . !
Right teheran.
Signed by Bystander
Signed by CP of Romania
signed by IRAN candidate in peace discussionSmile
Turkey and Iran, welcome to Georgian Global Order! Marlock was here
this agreement will be valid from day 52 till day 112 erev time
How long is that in metric system?
is point 5 in English?? and what does it mean?? Laugh
http://prntscr.com/ln93li Slap your Google Translate mate...
omg all these NAPs,just fight or get deleted...
lol i would rather be deleted than sign this ,shamefull
We are resistance and fight
this agreement signed by illegal candidate (whats peace candidate mean ? agent ? representative ? envoy ? proxy? assignee? ) you negotiate with someone who dont know english its shamefull
shame , what the f@ck is this ? :|
Signed by CP of Narnia o7
میخوای یه کو.م روش بدیم؟
people of iran dont accept 👎👎 wipe is better
شما اگه میخای بدی بیا به خودمون بده...چرا خارجی؟؟ از ما که خار نداره @nebadian you are not CP, baby....leave IRAN...its thing that iranian players can suggest you
Omg Iran dont sign this
@beautygirl your not CP either and you dont have a single title in gov. Who gave you right to talk for iran?
وقتی یه دختر خوشگل میره مذاکره میکنه نتیجه هم از قبل معلومه ملعون تو باید بری اینجا یه ایرانی موافق نظرت نیست حتی خارجیا بهت دارن میگن شرم کن
@beautygirl you are candidate ?😅😅😅 whats candidate means ? you are so fun you negotiate with 3 country and bionix (congress member ) ask you who are you ? you are really beautyfull girl 😘⚘❤
its bu**s**it
@beautygirl ببخشیدا ولی اگه شما مذاکره کردی بد ریدی با این توافق نامه تنظیم کردن Smile))))
to all those who think its a legal treaty , its not , majority of iran will not accept it and this guy not talking on behalf of Iranian , he is nothing more than 1 single player !!!
but she is beautifulllllllllllllll girl
If there be someone with balls in Iran, Thats to ez to fck Georgia+Greece+Romania together in very short time. Game is not banned so Baby boom works and Iran has too much potential to do that job (because other games banned), exactly like erev1. Problem is when you think with multies can always win. Hopefully all Iranian saw what was the result of the multi maker band(Nebadin) . Good luck and shame, I can t believe this shit even as old erev1 player. Prove you have balls, Baby boom in erev1 took 100 days. Don t forget in erev1 early months we were too weak. Mr.Nebadin remember erev1, remember why I didn t allow you to lead Iran, Now go ahead and prove your power. signed by Kian retired player ő7
shameful treaty !!!! AS USA citizen , i have the right to start RW in any region, unless my flow country man (USA citizens told me not to) and as former Iranian, i will resist against you!!!
https:// .com/y8dvb7nu The Irani CP is aware of the treaty. The signature of @beautygirl is valid, the treaty is valid. o7
@Severina whats your first acc ? this acc is multy talk with me with your real acc idk who you are in erev1 but i know you dont know any thing about me
@petros2 i will violate this so called valid treaty personally. have no doubt that many others will assist me and my friends to do so this i can assure you so if you are counting on us to keep these terms don t o7 Iranian minister of intelligence
Nice job IRAN candidate in peace discussion you fked up shame on you
@petros2 I cannot see any signatures from any on in Iran cabinet there is only one sign from MoFa of Iran rezaabdi let me hint you about Iran gov https://www.erev2.com/en/country/politics/32/Iran
@Severina if any country in this game and any other games could win 1v4 or better call it 1 country versus 4 alliance alone win the war this game mean nothing, not even baby boom would help us only poor politics like this agreement by so-called candidate of peace led us to this situation we have.
I know Iran, although this treaty is such a bullshit, you guys will rise n shine in short time. Gather more people, fix the internal problem first, then let s shut their mouth o7
if iranian erev 1 pleyers come to erev2 your counry deleted in day 10 lol
@Nebadin Feel free to report me if you think I m multi, I don t play this game. It is yours, I just created this account to see how you lead Iran. Nothing more and actually don t care. And please don t make me fool, I m pro and old player and thats signally multies in iran at all. With multies you can t be strongest for 1000days like erev1 be sure. Its not late just once for ever go make real babyboom nebadin (don t say useless word thats we are few we are hundreds players from tra vian and etc. Go do real babyboom. With multies you will be losser)
IRAN: This looks to me like you signed something you don t like now and want to retreat from it (shamefull I may say), so... Iran solve your internal problems 1st than, and only than you are worthy of a country! Untill than you will stay deleted !!!
@bionix when someone force you to sign this nap you are free to fck all of them. Don t worry for game balance and others shits. Thats your enemies fault if want to be lazy. Although this game is expired but you still have a job to do here. Thats just 3 country which has same condition like iran(multies+lame players) so you have ez job to show your balls to these 3 small countries. 80million people are front of you. Surely you can bring 100 players to this game with some adv and etc. Like in erev 1 we brought about 200 players and gurrantied our next 900days. Here you need less even less than 100 is enough. Because game has too few players compare to erev1.
Good luck Iran. I hope your sun rises again, this cloud vanishes and the big lions can Rawr again. It is a shame treaty, but i tottaly belive in Reza. Stay strong my friend! o7
I love how everyone keeps crying for this treaty. We won a defensive war against Iran, i had warned them multiple times that attacking Greece will result in a larger scale war. Their strategy of commiting suicide by attacking us and then crying how they dont accept to keep their cores and just loose their non core regions, purely reminds me why they only care for bonuses anf profit more than anything. The treaty of Versailles, in WW1 with Germany as the agressor had even worse terms. If people do not know how diplomacy works in this game when an agressor losses this is not any of the 4 countries fault that signed this peace.
If all of the world and the people of Iran accept it, I will tear it alone greece and georgia will not be safe until the end of this server good luck
@Severina if you find any multy in iran you can report it dont say any bullshit to me
@Nebadin I don t waste my times for your game, And I don t care for your game style. I just see your result. I saw Iran had 5 onlines most of times(when it was on map and had many colonies) and thats prove that this country has fake accounts. Where are these 80 people which voted in election? Accept the true behind weak pollitics which some people said there is bigger problems. First months are for visas but are you sure for late? Did you do anybaby boom or not?
Shame on you Iran