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For those noobs who have still not heard your name. Please introduce yourself Naki?

Thank you for having me. I’m Cypher, AKA Naki/ Ulysses. I’m an old-school player since the early days of eRep. Although, I started playing alliance and politics-wise on a more serious note since the first eRev game. I’ve been SC and MC of many alliances, most notably TRS, MDP, AEGIS, TA and now, Pantheon. I am also proud to say that I’ve commanded one of the best military units of all time, such as Amaterasu and Green Berets. When I want to have fun, I like playing at the highest tier.

What brought you to eRev2 and where do you see the future of be game in the next upcoming moths?

Well, I came to eRev2 a bit late. I wasn’t even planning on playing erev2 since I had quit this kind of games long ago. The current CP of USA, ktab, asked me to make an avatar for his new military unit, we had some chats and I saw some of my old friends in the game... And I got hooked.

During your term as Supreme Commander, the game saw the fall of Nations League. How were you able turn the odds of Numbers, Damage, resources and defeat a stronger alliance?

Persistence, sacrifice, strategy, teamwork and diplomacy.  

How would you compare your HQ to the first Pantheon HQ?

More active. Although there is not much work these days so we are resting a bit. We are the strongest block by far at the moment so we are pressing the break a bit not to kill the game.

There were times when it looked like the end of Pantheon was days away but  the alliance still managed to prevail. What kept such a diverse alliance together?

I had never felt that Pantheon was about to disband. Not a single moment. Hardships always happen, it is important to continue going through them in order to create strong bonds.

You have led many alliances in different games last couple of years. What’s different about Pantheon?

This is a tough question. From the top of my head, I cannot think of anything worth mentioning. The memes are danker.

There’s an ongoing conflict between Axios Mortem  Vendetta and UK. What role is Pantheon playing in this conflict?

We are voyeurs, for now.

If you could award the success of Pantheon to one country.  Which country would it be and why?

Bulgaria. Without question. First and foremost, for their numbers. Second, they know how to use their numbers effectively.

If you could point one crucial factor that led to the demise of Nations League What would it be?

There are quite a few factors, but the one I’d say was the most crucial is their lack of camaraderie between the European and Asian-American block. They were a house of cards.

Your one of the most experienced Military Commanders in the game. What are some advice you could give to young players looking to pursue that module of the game?

Just ask to be a part of a country’s/alliance’s military cabinet. Fresh, active people are always welcome. You will pick up things along the way quickly - it’s no rocket science!

In this genre of gaming, you’re a world class player. If you had a rival—Who would it be and Why?

No one from the current enemy side. All potential worthy rivals are my close friends.

Do you see yourself leading Pantheon as Supreme Commander for a second term?

I’m afraid next month I will have less leisure time than this one. So I might skip being a cabinet member in December.

This is my last interview for a while. Check out Petro2 Newspaper for weekly interviews with world leaders.

Cypher Turkey Vacation Pics
(It is rumored Cypher is secretly Aleksandar Vučić son)



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Shape of his mouth for sure point that he is vučić son Wink
Why in every your article always stated like, NL has more damage then Pantheon, then you turn things around, nice way to blur people out of the truth.. Always like that and it s boring...