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Most people are already aware since the article i published yesterday that Hellenic Army is actively helping allies as special OH missions the last days. Today it was no exception, preparing few hours before the last moments of the battle our soldiers under my command again HIT for our beloved allies France.

Our opperation was again a huge success securing this battle for our allies ! with over 7 million damage as RUSH at t-1 and around 10 million during the day thanks to our infantry divisions in Darkside.
I want to thank all the allies, Georgian special forces, ireland and ofc France for shooting a lot and indirectly assisting us to secure this for them. I want to also thank Tagma ( greek special forces ) And all my soldiers of Hellenic army for their amazing performance the last days o7

Commander of hellenic Army, Safer


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o7agma France! o7agma TAGMA! o7agma HELLENIC ARMY!
Hellenic Army o7 TAGMA o7 hail allies o7
Για την δόξα της Ελλάδας ! o7
Was it France vs Peru or UK? o7
votado o7
Hail Greece o7
o7 hail greece
Thanks to our allies.
Icarus we gave today 3 battle and win 2. For info Smile
Hail allies, Hail Greece o7
o7agma kai Hellenic Army o7
Thankodopoulos you o7
Agui is sexy
o7agma France! o7agma TAGMA! o7agma HELLENIC
o7 thanks!