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Published in Serbia - Battle orders - 27 Nov 2018 15:40 - 19

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Not sure u are cheaper body
Dont vory -- What ever you charge, we will do it 25% less i promise o7
I have more dmg than your whole list :/
Good luck but expensive price
@Djurdjo you are king bro Wink @Guepo prices can be changed, negotiated...
Pomeni nedozvoljena pozicija Cheeky
Anonimous doggies of war Cheeky
everyone can discount Laugh pm me I will have more low price Laugh
hahahahaha pandara pokušava i ovdje nekog nasanjkati hahahahaha ajde da i to vidimo Laugh
smisli nešta sam, šta kupiš ideje ofc-u, jadno je, pogotovo sa tim dmg kojim raspolažete hahahahahaha
Pego un millón con una mano en las nueces y fumando con la otra
Yo vendo daño 1mill x 5g ya hice varios contratos el precio se reduce si es rw
You are not cheaper than OFC, but good luck o7
Death to merc.
You have same prices with us and less dmg than us xD Good luck o7
@OFC what ever you guys charge, we do 25% less price can be lowerd o7 Wink Tnx good luck to you to Wink
Yes but u forget that OFC in every contract is gifting at least 25% more dmg than the buyer bought.We have 53 players that are playing only as mercenaries,and half of them are from the top tanks of the game.Im not sure u will be able to offer the same cost per dmg that we offer.But i hope u do ,cuz we dont have any competition all these months we are playing and its kinda boring xD
There are no MUs like OFC, just OFC which is spelled with capital letters btw. You also said you definitely deliver, well, just to give you an example of OFC delivering: in one of our recent contracts we paid to do 5m dmg but we ended up doing 20m. Also, some of our members alone have much more dmg than your whole list. In er1 there were countless OFC rip-offs that didn t even come close to us, don t make the same mistake again people, OFC is and always will be the BEST.
and no other MU can be compared to OFC !