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Published in Poland - Battle orders - 28 Nov 2018 15:16 - 4

Hello dear citizens of eWorld
During to last betrayal steps taken by Bulgarian government against our allies and Poland we decided to gain indepedency.
Diplomacy doesnt work in Bulgaria. Bulgaria refused our great deal about renting region which gurantee them full bonus set. Fridom forces around the world were tonight mobilized and hit in Bulgarian bonus.
Salute to our friends in Spain UK Bosnia Taiwan o7
Thanks to Iceland for financial help in this battle. We understand Your situation and fight against barbarians from Ireland and USA.
We werent on map for over 20 days but we are happy due to succesfull actions taken.
Poland is open for diplomacy but we will not give this what is ours for free. We are not Phanteon puppets, we will fight until last soldier, blood, weapon.
Proud soldiers which find home around the world are welcome back !
For now we have negotiations about MPPs with Czech Republic and Montenegro. Both countries are under attack of Phanteon and their satelites. We are proud that we will be able to fight arm in arm with them o7.
Also we are open for more MPPs and fight Bulgarian barbarians which attacked us without any reason.
Because we do not beg for mercy, we fight for it Witold Urbanowicz / Division 303 Squadron Commander



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You d still be around if you stuck in our alliance dummy.