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Signed by CP of Greece
Signed by CP of * Iran *
Signed by MoD of Georgia !
Signed by CP of Romania
Looolll Iran shame on you Laugh
Vayy ipneler sizi... pers kralların kemikleri sızlamıştır şimdi
https://www.erev2.com/en/country/law/70/Turkey/1958 Better to be wipe then live dishonour.
They were wiped AtripatesS. Exactly as Turkey Wink
I know your strategy is to flee the country and let it occupied, but they seem to love their country more than you do yours
@DamaChen, I support you!
Signed by CP of Georgia
Iranin yaptığı bu kazik unutulmaz bir gün hesabi kesilir....
متاسفم که ایستاده مردن رو به منافع ترجیح دادید
+1 DamaChen ... AtropatesS our ancesters said something like this in the big fights we had with you Turks... Capul plecat, sabia nu-l taie.. (in translation: The head bent, the sword does not cut.. ) Anyway.. its 1st of December and today Romania celebrates 100 years from its reunification.. Happy Birthday ROMANIA !!!
even i agree with atrop , better to get wiped than live like this :|
moteasefam barat @zizi Smile)))))
fuck to or you ffffffuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk