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o losers

for a long time , I wanted to publish an article in this game, but thanks to admins and their missions, media went to comma for quiet some time.

everyone has played with me in erev1 knows , I have a sharp tongue , so dont mind some of my words below

my dear friend zakk , put some tables and some nice words together and thought we will easily forget , what actually would happen , if they would have  won the war

ok lets analyze his words one by one

for sure for whoever it was fun, it wasn't for United states of America , especially being attacked , in worst time for majority of its players , by South Korea , Iran , Peru ,Argentina and Brazil .
 my country for numerous days, only experienced a war fueled by enemy absurd hope of breaking the young nation before it could rise .
it statement is so hilarious,  and shows poor knowledge of game history of the author, I ll tell you why ;

as for United States of America , few days before the game start ,we had a meeting with members of Panzer MU from erev1, to see where we would start playing.
I know it , cause I was the one who suggested them to start playing in USA, to try something different and a brand new start , and created current USA server and majority accepted it , even though I was absent in the beginning myself as a member of government,  due to my last tries to save what I had been built in the other game.

only countries that not before start of the game but , a bit later after it , worked together close , were USA and Portugal , and only for sole reason ,that actually many of our players and leaders are really close friends and worked and played and still playing together ,with each other in other games.

I mentioned that I was absent at start of the game , but many people know that these 2 countries started negotiating to form an alliance with many NL members even before current Pantheon members.

on the other hand , we all know core members of nations league , has been playing for a long time in same alliance in erev1 .

also this statement comes from the country ,which was initially a member of Axios Mortem , and its greed led to split that alliance to half and them joining nation league , if not in false hope of easy and quick victory and domination over the game .
there is no block anymore, and if there is one , it is not being led by pantheon again ignorance strikes .

of course we will , as a nation who defeated other 5 invaders , and 6h possible one I mean the opportunist state of Spain ,whom as I mentioned , they all attacked us in worst possible time for majority of our players , and they tried to visa hard early game , to break our spirit and win easily , which its analysis requires a full article , when I would have enough time , I will write one.
so there must be a reason we are still on map and soon to come Spain wont be and that reason is our organization and fighting spirit , even though I admit in the middle of war , some of us lost hope a little , but people like Cypher and Ktab and Peaky blinder and Batasha kept our morale high  with their own style .

and when a friend and ally from another game , in a totally friendly conversation ,told me he wont stop spending money to buy gold until Peru would wipe USA , and I showed those words to Diesel,  I just awaken the beast inside in him or his pocket :P

now lets bring excuses for breaking a nap , with a record of breaking time for Spain . regarding Brazil ; I can not make any comment it is up to them how to answer.

maybe , this was before your players started insulting real life figures of other countries , in game and  in all chat?? anyways , I wont make any comment about it , cause it is not my statement , though I will leave the answer to the person made it.

fun part about this statement is that , majority of players of erev2 are players of erev1, and all of them know that shiroe was ultra successful in erev1 , and left it , cause he was bored and author only judges him based on his history in another game , and actually even if  he tries to stay hidden , his bald head  ,will not allow him  to camouflage successfully.

regarding Danider : I will leave answer to him totally .

kind regards

just a liar



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first lied
second lied
Selling Hrm
I believe it is very serious and explanatory article; did not read it, however, tl;dr, please.
didnt read... , cmon ugly man ! make it readable
on it Laugh
ok edited guys you can start reading now Cheeky
At moments like this I almost regret I did not play server1 and that I do not participate in any politics of any kind (there are 3 people from Belarus is this game, one in US, one in UA and the last one is me) and that I have never opened world map in this game. But then I look at my 11,6% assembled hospital and other farms and reconcile with this feeling.
This is on point. Strategy, organization, diplomacy are the only things can really create balance, since everyone can do them equally. Pantheon can cut off AM and Vendetta, we can pull our punches, we can give you the first step, but the problem is former NL just expects us to civil war for their sake. Sorry, “game’s” sake. There are so many opportunities for countries to crush pantheon that are not being taken. USA was in horrible position 4 weeks ago but we didn’t cry balance, we just fought it out.
hello losers... voted from me
You mean when bolth alliances have a simillar damage and all your members have mpp for help usa? I guess you mean this time.
Votando in english
Voted! Maybe if someone else read until the end, he can tell me if is good article 👍
if you want to take down pantheon work for it, SJW fuckers you want everything for granted, work slackers, put time into it, plan for it, make deals for it, if you want it for granted as a intitlement you are a disgrace for humankind, VV fell on erev1 because ppl stood up against it and fought it, spent time, do the same fuckers
Marlock was here
I like.
Pantheon cut off relations with Vendeta. ? Turkey declared war on Greece 15 hours ago, Romania declared war on Turkey 11 hours ago ? So whats going on ? Laugh
I think we are brothers with Greeks no matter what.