A Gentleman And a Scholar

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1. The USA
This is a bit of an intro article to a series I m doing on the military unit known as Delta Force. I hope you enjoy it, as it s been a blast to write all of it. Time to get into the meat of the article s contents!

What is the USA here in eRev2? To our enemies, we would be those bastards who won t quit. To our friends, some could say we re a loyal ally and a great friend to have on the battlefield. To an American, we re a multi-national group of people. We have people from all sorts of walks of life. People from different countries, because what is America? A place that was built from the ground up by people who dare to call themselves...Americans.


2. Delta Force

Delta Force, a military unit just like any other within the great game known as eRev2. We re the number one military unit in the world. A band of brothers, sisters, and anyone else who we work with to kick ass. We re organized, we re strong, we re one of the best in the world. We re your girlfriend s dream MU, the kind that she thinks of when you two are screwing. Oh wait, sex dolls don t count.

Our fighters fight with weapons when needed, and barehanded when not needed. We go for medals, we go for battle heroes, and we go for everything in between. The pirates would say take it all and give nothing back. Well, we want the world and we ll give nothing back.


3. Where to?

Where to from here? Well, we re a great nation and a great damn MU. You ll be hearing more about us soon, as we re constantly out in the field. Kicking ass and having buttloads of fun. In the end, we re just the same as you or me...but better.

Catch ya on the flipside,

A Gentleman and a scholar,



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Hail Delta Force! hail USA! o7
Hail DF!
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Awesome video !!! wish you good luck and success in all your future battles o7
Hail Delta Force! Hail USA!
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In the end, we re just the same as you or me...but better.
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Hail DF!
Hail DF!
Hail DF!
Hail Lelouch Vi Britania !! Hail Delta Force !!
Hail DF o/
o7 Nice artical Laugh We re just the same like you or me... but so big better. Wink
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This article makes me horny AF.