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Dear readers,

First of all, if you haven’t already, read this article written by PortgasAce. It will give you a good overview of the last big war that is being concluded as I write these lines (with the pending fall of Spain, where else, but in Senegal, where only the true Spanish sons of Spanish Diplomacy are holding their last stand). The article places a lot of focus on the US front (understandable due to the fact that Ace is an anime n00b 😊), and gives an excellent insight into the strategic moves around the map. The outcome of this war has brought us one big global alliance, two very small alliances, out of which the smaller in size is better in all other aspects (I will talk on this a bit later), and a large group of nations who are currently non-alligned, and whose overall DMG is quite significant.
Another two articles you could take a look at are the following three:
a)   UNO - arguing about the over-powerful Pantheon alliance,
b)     DUE - a rebuttal of the first article, and
c)         BRE - where the author, the greatest super tank of them all, who single handedly turned the tide of war and basically ruined the fun of thousands, Diesel, stated that the PANTHEON alliance now holds 33% percent of global DMG, and that for that reason they are cutting their ties with VENDETTA and AXIOS MORTEM (not declaring war, just cutting ties). And all this in order not to allow the game to fall into a single bloc Panthendomination. Diesel also pathetically exclaimed that the

PANTHEON HQ is fully aware that they are placing their citizens into clear and present danger

:D LOL. Which was followed with MPP with Brazil :D ROFL
d)                CUBE News, because they are great.
Anyways, it got interested to look into this 33% DMG thing, and single bloc dangers. I have also tried to find the Long Lost 9 MIL DMG of Georgian Love, but failed in the latter. The former, however, is here in front of you to dwell into.

Bear in mind two things:

I have looked into the GROUP DMG rankings of major alliance players, whose overall score exceeds 500 mil dmg. Due to this, the figures aren’t EXACT as I have excluded a number of countries from the overall statistics (as noted below), but the overall figures should be approximately the same.

And the second thing, I have looked in the TOP 100 Fighters rankings as well, and tried to make several comparisons.

Also, third thing, motorinha sells wepons not weapons, so please stop sending him PM all the time about weapons!

My feeling is that Diesel is full of Kaveh, and that the PANTHEON’s rhetoric is just that, rhetoric Kaveh.
In addition, I see absolutely no reason why PANTHEON should retract or do anything else from what
they are doing right now. They have every reason to be happy and content.
Two caveats:
Brazil has broken off with its former ally, Argentina, and invaded the country. The CUBE News investigative journalists point to the bonus acquisition as a possible motive, coupled with MPPs having been signed with US and Bulgaria, thus indicating that Brazil is currently pending PANTHEON membership. I will not be as sensitive as petros2, and simply approve Brazil’s membership in the PANTHEON. Welcome Brazil!
Although similar rumors have been noted with regard the Croatian (VENDETTA) and Bulgarian
(PANTHEON) MPP, the unnamed officials, in unofficial statements that are entirely made up by me, refer to the easier conquistada of Spain and Fikme as the primary and only reason for this relationship. Fikme stop with the jealousy!
So, let us observe that initial data I came up with.
Basically, the above data shows us that the PANTHEON (with the added Brazil) represents almost half of the total global DMG spread, excluding the nations with less than 500 mil dmg. Even if we were to add the lower hitting nations, the overall result should not change too much.

Thus, even though several journalists have asserted that the PANTHEON’s power refers to 1/3 of global power, it is more likely to be close to 1/2, representing a formidable power. In addition, and taking into consideration that the NATIONS LEAGUE Alliance is in ashes, PANTHEON is the ONLY global alliance to speak of. Axios Mortem is focused on UK right now, and VENDETTA is focused on Sacer right now.
I have, as stated above, omitted a number of nations (Portugal in the PANTHEON group; Ukraine,
Albania and Slovenia in the VENDETTA group; and, Italy, Latvia (despite being quite active) and Macedonia (FYROM) from the AXIOS MORTEM group).

With regard the ex NATIONS LEAGUE alliance, from what I can tell, Bosnia and Hercegovina has been deleted, Turkey has of course been deleted just like in erev1 (by Croatia :P), Iran has signed a Treaty (as far as I can tell, not for Iran to rejoice about, but at least they avoided deletion), and Spain is about to be handed a cold Senegalian no-thank-you. In other news, Brazil decided that Argentina is the worst enemy there is (even though they’ve been friends just a few days ago) and moved in (like Harkonnens on Ordos in the first mission, but for house, not spice), United Kingdom is surrounded by Ireland and France in a desperate attempt to save fish that is not held by the US, and France has moved to AXIOS MORTEM and decided to continue the 100 years’ war. Either South Korea or Taiwan
declared neutrality. I think it was South Korea, as Taiwan is now run by a warmongering girl who named her avatar after her favorite make-up. No idea what’s happening with the rest. I think Peru is still fighting the Americans in their dreams. And Indonesia is still there.
The table below provides more individual data on Alliances’ Member States’ group DMG in mil
(all relevant armies of each nation):

Note that Bulgaria is more powerful than the whole VENDETTA alliance. Basically, almost any other   PANTHEON member, in combination with Bulgaria, could, DMG-wise, take down both VENDETTA and AXIOM MORTEM as it stands today.
The above given data is quite interesting when analyzed through the lenses of top 100 fighters current score. Let’s first take a look at the overall spread of DMG in between the Top 100 fighters.
As you can see, there’s only a handful of what Diesel refers to “super tanks”, at least score-wise in the first 60 days of gameplay. Please note that I am referring to superduper tanks as those whose individual DMG ratio exceeds 150 mil. The vast majority of the Top 100 Fighters reside in the 50-100 mil DMG arena.

Furthermore, it is quite interesting to see more details as to the nationality and alliances. 

As you can see, the hypothesis that the PANTHEON Alliance holds a global 50% of DMG is reconfirmed through the TOP 100 fighters’ analysis. The given figures follow closely the Alliances’ Armies DMG chart from above and indicate that the TOP 100 fighters are quite a good indication on the overall strength of current (and ex) global alliances. This further tells us that VISA players have an important part in the strength of all current (and ex) alliances, as, roughly, the number of VISA players present in a nation will have a strong influence not only on individual battles or a particular war (as was the case of Diesel and his battle hoping), but on the overall national DMG output.

This, among other things, has led to Bulgaria and USA having 100% bonuses, well done guys, well
Another set of data restates the already established principles – citizens numbers:

Raw data:
When inspecting the PANTHEON Alliance more closely, we come by some general statistical input
that again re-confirms the influence of top-notch players. Here is the raw data: 
TOP 100 DMG refers to the overall DMG of TOP 100 fighters per nation. TOP 100 fighters refers to
the number of citizens of each Member State within the TOP 100 fighters. Group DMG is the data from the previous chart. No of citizens tells you what you would expect. The last two columns represent, respectively: a) the percentage of TOP fighters within the total number of citizens, and, b) the percentage of TOP fighters overall DMG as opposed to the Group DMG (combined armies’ effort).

On an average, around 1.7% of Pantheon soldiers deal around 25% of the overall Pantheon DMG. The most staggering figure is that of Bulgaria, where 1.4% of all soldiers dealt almost 30% of its nation's DMG output. Similar figure is available in the US, where the number of super soldiers is half the number of Bulgarian super soldiers. Roughly, 1/3 of PANTHEON DMG is made by around 40 TOP PANTHEON players. In addition, PANTHEON supper soldiers alone dealt more DMG than the
whole VENDETTA alliance. Observe the following charts that visualize the raw data: 

When we talk about the ex Nations League…

… we can see that in several nations, such as Spain, Taiwan and South Korea, the super soldiers were
responsible for the half of its nation’s DMG output.

What is relevant to point out that the 11,386 MIL DMG available in these countries will be a key to forming some sort of a counter balance to PANTHEON. The problem is that a lot of individual nations in this section have issues with certain individual countries in other alliances. We shall see what the diplomacy will do about this in the coming days.
Here’s the raw data for Vendetta:

… where Georgia has yet again failed to achieve 9 BIL DMG, and,

… and AxiosMortem:

I’ve mentioned earlier that AXIOS MORTEM, as far as I am concerned, seems to be a better functioning alliance when compared with VENDETTA (despite being half of the former’s size). This due to the fact that this Alliance, at least from the outside, seems to have a very clear strategy, excellent diplomacy, and simple goals to achieve (and that are being achieved). I especially like Ireland, a
very small nation, that is VERY active, offers excellent programs and incentives, has shown intelligence and adaptability on the battlefield, and seems to know what’s it doing in the long-run. I wish I could say the same about VENDETTA, but I better not start on that subject 😊

So, to conclude, I’ve tried not to be biased and look at the numbers and see what the numbers are
telling me. From what I can tell, it’s the VISA players who are dominating the national and alliance politics and policies, and determining, to a significant (DMG) part, the outcome of various strategic moves around the map.

Precisely for that reason I would like to see the energy purchase limit (see more on this)  or at least a cool-down period (as proposed byAce).

I seriously think that this would balance the game out by putting more distance between the VISA
players and their overwhelming role in running things DMG-wise. It also might help out with the weeks and months ahead of us where different strategies will be employed to try to balance out the playing field.

The way I see it, PANTHEON is not the one who should be working on balancing the game – it is for the rest of us to try to figure out what the best approach would be to even the things out, and make the game more fun for everyone.
Catch you njabs later.
Lord Marlock

Lord Marlock


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