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I ain't care a whole lot about creating URLs or graphs for this, so bear with.

I've been playing games like this for a very long time. Under multiple names, the most popular one (for good or bad) being BryceKelly. So I know a wee bit about how things work in these games. That being said, the game is becoming boring. 

I've been quietly observing the state of the eRev world from my humble abode in Murica' seeing all that is happening and sitting back and wondering how long this game has. 

Starting with, the game is VASTLY unbalanced. And I said after the alliance talks (Ask all of my countrymen and allies). I knew we were going to do the same EXACT thing in eRev1 and have 2 major sides in this game. I really did not want that. I argued in the DMs and on Discord that we needed 4 to 6 alliances in this game to make it last. But most of you are corny as hell. We are approaching day 60, and I got to say I was right. I told Poland and Spain they were making a terrible mistake in leaving Axios Mortem. Again, I was right, they cease to exist in the eWorld. I clearly told Spain they were morons to their face and told them their greed and stupidity would be the downfall of their nation. I told the Enlgish (displaced Fro-yos) they would be wiped if they didn't work with us and come to an agreement. The funniest thing of the entire ordeal was that Ambru traded our friendship to become SC of NL. Pretty sure he ain't be playing no more.  

The Yanks (feels weird for me to be saying that tbh since I'm actually Murican, and ain't nobody there cept' a few are Murican') are pretty strong. They (their bloc tbf) came out and said that the game needed balanced. What did they do?

Now, I ain't special or nothing, but this REALLY ain't balanced. 

SO, in conclusion;

1. Re-brand the alliances, and also create new ones (4-6 blocs as suggested) This BG, USA, ROM, BR is the dumbest shit I've seen so far. So really, re-brand.

2. Create a meta-game that's worthwhile (aka retainment). In all of the games I play, within said country I organize a meta-game to keep people. I would advise all countries to do this. 

3. For the admin, I would suggest removing the unlimited EBs. I know ya'll make a good deal from this, but please limit it. I ain't gonna spend no more money on this game for that reason. Also I assume ya'll are creating more missions too. 

Now, I got college finals tomorrow. So excuse me while I smoke this cigar and drink this Tennessee Whiskey.

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You got skills. and good luck with your exams !!
all sounds easy lets do it Cheeky
@Kaveh - It s not terribly hard in all honesty.
yes yes not hard at all we did balanced our game while under attack by 3 countries and 6 active DoW on us we can share secrets of balance for a reasonable price Cheeky
@Kaveh - Getting attacked by sub-par countries =/= getting attack by 3 of the top 5 countries in the world.
getting attacked by whole AA branch of NL Cheeky and yet not enough Spain breaks their nap to come to help Cheeky all in absurd hope of killing USA before it can rise what doesnt kill me makes me stronger Cheeky
BURB is overpower ! no one can stop the BURB s this is balance right?? Cheeky
Guys, when posting links, pls remove https so the link people hyperlink. Otherwise the person has to copy and paste.
Spot on o7
@Kaveh, are you considering the Ireland as a Great Nation ?
A great article followed by a great song. Vote!
NL and the subhuman form they are in form did everything bad and started making overpower and you tell us to rebrand. Politely fuck off.
Danider , you make and alliance overpowered until day one, no one alliance of 6/7 members can face pantheon and you know it.
removing the unlimited EBs. No VISA, no party.
What is the exam, btw?
Business Law and Calc 2
Luck on your exams Bryce
Ok well get right on that
limited EBs is a great idea, but it wont happen...
El tenesse no es whisky, es un licor barato con nombre rimbombante 😂