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hello losers

I see these days many people crying for balance , while actually they dont have courage themselves to help with it

everyone knows me from ever1 , knows Germany and Panzer, know our rise and fall, and rise again , and people know how we fought against an alliance, with 2 third of world power , but also people know we never cried like this , well we also cried sometemes , but only for our mistakes , misakte of enering world war to help balancing game , and eventually being wiped for 3 months

still we didnt give up , yes some people left , some people went inactive , but core people of our country never gave up , and kept fighting

also many people know what happened after that, we planned  ,we worked hard , we endured and within one year that super mega big alliance, fall apart and we created our own super mega big alliance and then later , one hit medal feature was introduced to game and .............

now lets move to erev2 , some people built alliances based on mentality of erev1, tried to dominate game early and failed , we based on my suggestion and approval of our people , started playing in USA , and many more people also followed us, that made us target and soon , we were attacked by numerous countries , did you see us crying for balance? writing articles?? blaming other countries??

no again , we endured , planned , worked hard , as a result ,eventually from state of near to wipe , became 2nd most powerful country of the game

here and now , I promise my people , I wont let  USA , make the same mistake of Germany erev1

I will not let anyone jeopardize the safety of people of USA in the name of balancing game or being bored .

they day that this happens I will leave the game

these very people now crying for balance , once they start winning , they will just humiliate and mock other countries

you wanna win??

stop whining in articles and all chat , go and start planning and working for it .

we are not going to give you victory in a golden plate , you must earn it .

where are all those people , who used to throw threats everyday in all chat and discord ?? confident of the fake overpower of their super mega big alliance??

now swallow what you spitted 

USA will stay tall , for its people and its allies

God bless America

kind regards

a liar



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first one lied Cheeky
Fak balance. Panzer and Green Berets in one MU. Really !!??
life is full of surprises.
AA #1 o7
Bullshit. 3 alliance vs 0 get fun
Lead me to the paradise Kaveh ❤️
Yet I feel provoked Sad
Overpowered alliance, u call that NL, 12 members have the samage than 7, but not the same mpps, thats the true. NL don t have the most part of top damage countrys inside, pantheon in fact have this until day one.
deutschland the best N1
@Kaveh We had good times in Nemesis. That medal feature destroyed everything. Sad
I have no activity in the game. but it is clear that the game is very exciting when the two alliances(panteon vendetta)(Romania greece and georgia) attack the country for the second time 😉 Enjoy the game very stylish 🤗👏