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After seeing much BS spilled out and awfully bad trolling, I decided to pour a cup of bald wisdom in this lake of eRev2 ignorance. The article will be separated into few points that touch the most important subjects last days.

1. Lack of balance / Overpower

Originally, Pantheon was the first planned alliance in the formation it was created with 33% or whatever was the percent back then, far from being overpowered. The first sign for will of overpower was seen when NL alliance was born – having 12+ countries in 2 MPP networks. Yes, we have some strong countries, but we were in a single MPP network that was a big weakness. But that was just the beginning.

Then Atropates decided to approach Vendetta to add a third MPP network to NL. Pantheon never had the idea of having a second alliance. It was Atropates insulting Vendetta that put the possibility of us and them to cooperate.

Regarding AXIOS MORTEM, it was some NL countries that left AM to join the new alliance that wanted to break the balance out of greed. If someone is interested, I will tell the story about how pre-NL Atropates’plans were different than creating NL, and Pantheon would not even exist, if it was not his greed. I won’t comment the rumors that ex-AM country left their allies behind in exchange of HQ positions. It was natural to add them into the circle of cooperation.

2. “Fake” Pantheon/AM-Vendetta departure

Yes, we originally had in mind to contribute into saving the balance in the game. Yes, Brazil entered MPP network but not with whole Pantheon. Yes we continued to carry on with the campaigns that were already started… What did you expect? To attack Vendetta right away for YOLO reasons… Ex-NL countries had enough time to approach AM and Vendetta and offer them something good enough for them to consider cooperation. They didn’t do that. We can’t play instead of them, sadly.. If you read Bryce’s recent article, you can read more about how NL countries forced themselves into the shitty situation they ended up being out of egoistic and greedy reasons.

Even if we disband Pantheon, the butthurt ex-NL countries will continue with their greed and useless trolling, instead of creating an actual alliance and fighting back. That’s why I think that balance is not in the hands of Pantheon and our efforts were worthless. You can’t give something to people which they do not want.

3. Zakk’s work of life in the name of balance

From where to start? In the so called meeting with us, he came with the only intention to suck our cocks and thrash NL in exchange of peace. He tried to lie about what lead to Spanish segregations of citizens, wash his hands with lack of involvement in the bad deeds that Spain did – broken NAP, shitty arrogant attitude towards people that wanted to do diplomacy with them, using toxic trolling when they can’t fight etc.

Long story short, if we decided to scratch the ego of Zakk and gave him the peace, which would give him what he is ready to die for – POWER, you would never see any single word or twisted math of his article.

4. Inauguration as Bald Emperor of Spain

I will try to be short as this is not something that more people care of, but I have to say it, because I have no regrets for putting Spain in this bad position. First of all, multiple times they called for fight with us, now they have it. Second of all, their helpless act of trolling against me just made me embrace more my bald part of my heart. So I hereby announce myself for Eternal Bald Emperor of Spain and I promise to do everything in the name of the new multicultural bald nation.

And while I became bald by coincidence, those same people that troll me now, embraced baldness first. Those same exact people here already lost their hair, by entering a sacred pact with the homeland of bald eagles – China.

I will just say that the path of being bald is full of a lot of sacrifices that the people of Spain should make to become real balds. So, my beloved citizens of the Bald Spanish Empire, prepare for some turbulence, but know that at the end your soul will be saved and you will be proud to call yourselves real balds that will spread the bald philosophy around the world to hairy people.

Best regards,
Bald Spanish Emperor,



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